The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 45



Different from the common divination methods like shaking sticks, counting fingers, analyzing characters, turtle shell divination, and plate reading, Jiang Chu’s method is unique. She created it because she wasn’t comfortable with the traditional ones. If it had to be named, perhaps it would be “touching stick divination.”

While shaking stick divination is done by using spiritual sense to shake a divination stick, Jiang Chu’s method involves using her spiritual sense to touch each stick, identifying the most suitable one.

Regardless of the method used, the essence is the same; there’s no hierarchy of better or worse.

It’s evident that Zhong Huai prefers doing the divination himself, without anyone else touching the sticks.


A stick falls to the ground. Zhong Huai picks it up.

“You will get hurt.” 

After reading the stick, Zhong Huai lifts his head to look at Yuan Fang. “It’s close, probably within the next couple of hours.”


Zhong Huai divining for himself, and giving Yuan Fang such an intense look, makes her heart race uncontrollably. The last thing on her mind is the divination—until she hears his words and her face turns pale.

What’s happening? 

I will get hurt??

“What kind of injury? A big or small one? Will it be something like a scraped finger?” she asks in succession, holding onto a glimmer of hope.

Zhong Huai solemnly shakes his head, “It’s not a minor injury, but it seems like it’s not life-threatening. Just be careful.”

Yuan Fang starts to panic, “Oh my God, will I get injured within the next couple of hours? Will it happen at school? Is someone going to attack me?”

“If it’s within the next couple of hours, you’re probably not at the school anymore,” Liu Lu chimes in, pondering. “Why not just stay at the school? If anything happens, find Teacher Yuan Tu. He should be able to protect you.”

“But what if it does happen at school? Then staying would be unavoidable,” Yuan Fang is still uneasy. “No, I’ll go home. My house is close, and if I go home early, maybe I can avoid it. . . . . .I’m not attending any more classes, I’m leaving now!”

Compared to getting injured, missing one class is trivial.

“I’ll accompany you. I’ll take you home and then come back to class. Whether or not I attend doesn’t make much of a difference,” Liu Lu stands up and grabs Yuan Fang’s arm. “My martial arts skills are slightly better than yours; maybe I can protect you.”

“You’re too kind!”

Yuan Fang is touched.

Jiang Chu’s face changes; she looks at the top of Liu Lu’s head.

Name: Liu Lu

Near-Future Fortune: Gets hit by a speeding carriage after leaving school today, bedridden for six months.

It changed!

Jiang Chu remembers clearly, Liu Lu’s fortune wasn’t this; it was supposed to be finding a crystal seven days later. Now it has changed to match exactly what Yuan Fang’s was!

This means—

The carriage will be speeding past the school entrance at this very moment!

How could this happen? They’re leaving because of Zhong Huai’s divination, right?

Does it mean that even if she hadn’t spoken, Zhong Huai would have still divined for Yuan Fang today?

“Maybe you should leave later. I think you won’t encounter any dangers within the school. You just need to make it through today,” Jiang Chu suggests. “What if the danger is on the road, and you encounter someone you can’t defeat?”

“That’s unlikely. Fighting is prohibited in the city, and we don’t have any enemies,” Liu Lu replies, puzzled.

“I also think it’s better to go home early for peace of mind,” Yuan Fang nods in agreement.

Home is the first place one thinks of when in trouble. Normally, it’s okay to roam around, but when injured or facing difficulties, one would want to rush back home for recovery.

Though she just had a big fight with her dad yesterday, now all Yuan Fang wants to do is go home.

“Zhong Huai, can you please divine for her again to see whether she will get injured inside or outside the school?” Jiang Chu raises her voice to call out to Zhong Huai.

It’s clear that they trust Zhong Huai. Her own words lack persuasion, but Zhong Huai’s have weight.

Sure enough, Liu Lu and Yuan Fang turn their heads to look at Zhong Huai.

“I can’t.”

Zhong Huai shakes his head, “I can’t do another divination in such a short period. I’ll need at least until tonight to recover my spiritual sense.”

Upon hearing his words, Yuan Fang looked somewhat disappointed. “Then I should leave.”

Jiang Chu sighed inwardly, “Let me walk you out a bit. There’s no point in just waiting here anyway.”

“Thank you, Jiang Chu. I didn’t expect you to be so kind. I used to think you were. . . . . .” Yuan Fang trailed off awkwardly.

Jiang Chu shook her head, indicating she didn’t mind.

The three headed toward the college entrance. Along the way, Jiang Chu also asked about the situation at Divination College.

Just as Jiang Chu had learned, Divination College was indeed in dire straits. Initially, there were several teachers, but now, besides Yuan Tu, everyone else had left.

Dean Tong Kui was left managing just one teacher and 27 students.

And it wasn’t just that there was only one teacher, his teaching attitude seemed lacking. According to Yuan Fang, Teacher Yuan Tu was also struggling in life, seemingly affected by some setback, and has been muddling along ever since.

“It’s really unavoidable. Teacher Yuan is just muddling through life, with no expectations anymore. That’s why he can endure the disdain and ridicule of other teachers. Those who truly have aspirations and goals wouldn’t stick around here waiting to die. They’ve already gone off like the other teachers to seek better opportunities,” Liu Lu sighed.

Jiang Chu found the statement quite reasonable.

Only those without dreams could stay, who with dreams would willingly be trapped in this place?

“By the way, what’s your spiritual sense?” Jiang Chu asked Liu Lu.

“22,” Liu Lu shrugged. “In our entire Divination College, only Deng Ying and Zhong Huai have a spiritual sense above 60. The rest are at most in their forties, pretty mediocre.”

“So, how much have you guys learned at Divination College? What can you predict now?” Jiang Chu inquired further.

“For us, predicting what will happen on the same day, our success rate is about fifty percent, sometimes even less,” Liu Lu said with a bitter smile. “Teacher Yuan said, with a few more years of study, we might barely reach an accuracy rate of sixty to seventy percent.”

Predicting the same day’s events with only a sixty to seventy percent accuracy rate.

Not to mention predicting tomorrow, the day after, or even ten days later.

Jiang Chu also couldn’t help but sigh.

She still wanted to ask more, but saw that they had already reached the college entrance. She immediately braced herself—

Here it comes!

At this moment, Jiang Chu intentionally moved from the right side of the two to the middle because only then would she be able to pull them away in time.

Suddenly, Jiang Chu caught a glimpse of a dark figure swiftly approaching from the corner of the street, fast like a shadow!

(End of the chapter)



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