The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 48

𝐆𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐑𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭?

𝐆𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐑𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭?

Jiang Chu glanced at Hei Hou.

From this statement alone, you can tell that this person isn’t malicious, just a bit loose-lipped.

It’s not a big issue.

“Don’t waste any more time; start your divination quickly before Teacher Yuan actually shows up,”

Jiang Chu responded, then began her divination without another word.

Upon hearing this, the others suppressed their questions and turned to focus on their own tasks.

Draw a stick, switch a stick, feel a stick.

Soon, Jiang Chu’s hand settled on a wooden stick.

She picked it up and looked at its face.

Zhong Huai can’t divine again so soon due to the numerous divinations he’d done earlier. If he really wants to, he can take a supplement pill.

However, that pill is a bit expensive. Although Zhong Huai can afford it, it shouldn’t be used recklessly.

If Teacher Yuan asked them to perform divinations during class, Zhong Huai would take the pill, but for now, he can save it.

As others were divining, Zhong Huai was sizing up his classmates, his gaze lingering on Jiang Chu for a moment.

He knew how others divined since he had seen it before, but Jiang Chu, the newcomer, intrigued him as he had never seen her do it.

Furthermore, Jiang Chu was a new transfer student who hadn’t even attended a single class yet, but it seemed. . . . . .she could perform divinations?

That’s interesting.

After completing her divination, Jiang Chu put away her divining stick and waited for the others to finish.

“Everyone’s done; you can now share your results. I’ll serve as the judge,” Zhong Huai said. “Deng Ying, you will speak last.”


Deng Ying chuckled and obediently nodded her head.

She was the most skilled person present; revealing her result early might lead others to blindly follow suit.

“I’ll go first; my result is within a quarter of an hour.”

“I got between one cup of tea and a quarter of an hour.”

“Why did I get around one incense stick?”

“I’m also within a quarter of an hour.”

. . . . . .

Everyone stated their results.

Although they were divining for something happening today, the task was not easy because the timing had to be very precise.

If one used general time units, it wouldn’t be challenging, but the timing needed now was extremely accurate, requiring genuine skill.

That’s when the gap in skill level became evident. Everyone had different answers, and there were hardly any matches.

If everyone had the same, correct answer, it would mean they were all competent. But now 

Jiang Chu sighed inwardly.

The Divination College truly leaves much to be desired.

“Jiang Chu, it’s your turn,” Zhong Huai, the judge, said responsibly. “After you, it’s Deng Ying.”

“My result is half an incense stick,” Jiang Chu stated.

“I got one incense stick; you got half, so we’re pretty close,” said a young man in a blue shirt.

Jiang Chu looked at the information above his head—

[Name: Feng Jiayao]

[Near-Future Fortune: Will be beaten up by a customer for an inaccurate divination on the street in eight days, bedridden for three days.]

Jiang Chu: . . . . . .

What kind of result must he have gotten to get beaten up like that by a customer?

“How can it be half an incense stick? Has Teacher Yuan ever been this quick? I disagree,” Hei Hou immediately stated.

“Exactly, my result is accurate! A quarter of an hour!” added the girl behind him.

“Deng Ying, it’s your turn,” Zhong Huai reminded.

“My result is the same as Jiang Chu’s.”

Deng Ying looked at Jiang Chu incredulously, “You can actually perform divinations, Jiang Chu? That’s amazing!”

It was expected for them to get it right, but Jiang Chu was different. She was a new transfer student and a complete novice, yet she came up with the same answer as her, which was astonishing!

Deng Ying was quite surprised. 

Hearing Deng Ying say this, others were also taken aback. 

Placing Deng Ying and Zhong Huai as highly-respected figures, it can be said that more than 80% of the outcomes they predict are correct, often serving as a benchmark for everyone else. 

But now, unlike others who differ from Deng Ying, Jiang Chu has the same result as her? 

“This is impossible. I think Jiang Chu just got lucky. Even a blind cat catches a mouse!” 

“Exactly, her divination is fake. How could she have the same result as Deng Ying? She must have guessed.” 

“I took a quick look earlier, and I didn’t even understand how she did it. It’s unheard of.” 

No one believes that Jiang Chu obtained the result herself. Even Yuan Fang and Liu Lu, who are quite fond of Jiang Chu, felt the same way and looked at her with a skeptical gaze, although they didn’t voice it out loud. 

“I divined that result myself. I created this specific divination method, it’s not purchased,” Jiang Chu explained briefly. 

However, she knew that no one would believe her explanation. 

“Custom-made? You created it yourself? Haha, I can’t help but laugh,” Hei Hou chuckled loudly. 

“Jiang Chu, what’s your spiritual sense level?” Zhong Huai asked. 

Jiang Chu paused for a moment, “18.” 

“Haha. . . . . .” Hei Hou burst into laughter again. 

Everyone else tried to contain their laughter— 

With just an 18 in spiritual sense, she claims she obtained the result herself? 

People with a 20 can’t even get it right! 

And she claims she didn’t guess! 

“Ah, it doesn’t matter. Jiang Chu hasn’t started her lessons yet, it’ll be fine once she does,” Deng Ying said. 

Jiang Chu stopped talking. 

No point in speaking further, these people wouldn’t believe her anyway. Might as well save her breath. 

Also, Yuan Tu arrived. 

Jiang Chu looked towards the door; Yuan Tu had reached the entrance, dressed just as he was the last time they met. 

Not to say he was shabby, but he certainly wasn’t neat and tidy either. 

“Oh, you are. . . . . .ah, Jiang Chu,” Yuan Tu, reaching the door, took a moment to recognize her. 

But after thinking a bit, he remembered she was a new transfer student. 

“Alright, let’s begin the class. I can’t think of what to teach you, so just ask questions. You ask, I answer, and then class is dismissed.” 

Yuan Tu walked into the room, sat down on the cushion in the middle, resting his elbow on his knee and his palm supporting his cheek. 

His eyes were half-closed, as if he was still sleepy. 

“Teacher, I don’t really have a question. Ever since I started, I’ve had only one issue—why are my divinations inaccurate?” A male student named Chen Cheng asked. 

“Your divinations are inaccurate because your spiritual sense is weak. If you with a 28 in spiritual sense can get it right, what about those with 78? So, practice more, you might gain some insights,” Yuan Tu said lazily. 

“But spiritual sense isn’t everything. Are we with lower spiritual sense supposed to just accept our fate?” Chen Cheng sighed helplessly, quite dejected. 

(End of Chapter)



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