The Magic Princess Returns to Death and Defeats the Demon Lord Before the Hero – Chapter 10

Demon Extermination

Chapter 10: Demon Extermination

Later, during practical training, Hoyle remained motionless, silent, and depressed. Then he stood up, scratched his head, and roared, which was unusual behavior.

Anastasia was curious about what Brandt had said to him, but she didn’t dare to ask.

After the practical training, as they are being moved to another classroom, Regina nervously asks:

“Does Tasha know Brandt-senpai?”

“Yeah, we met in the library and discussed magic spells—as a result, we got along well and frequently met and talked after school.”

She didn’t mention the secret room, but she was candid about everything else.

“I heard a rumor that Brandt-senpai separates himself from others and has no close relationships… What are you talking about?”

“These days, I believe it’s about spatial control efficiency—the approach is that some parts of a formula cannot be rewritten, but there may be room for improvement if other parts are made more efficient…”

As Anastasia began to explain, Regina’s expression turned sullen.

“…I think I get it. You mean no one else could speak on the same level as you? I guess I can’t participate in the discussion either…”

Regina sighs and murmurs deeply.

Anastasia can speak easily because of her knowledge from her past life, but she wouldn’t have been able to hold a conversation in her first year if she hadn’t had that knowledge.

It is doubtful that even the teachers can speak properly in this field, and it seems unlikely that any of the students can.

“… I guess I’ll just have to stand back and watch. I’d like to talk to him, but I don’t want to offend him.”

Regina muffles herself.

So the next lesson began, and the story ended there.

“By the way, I have to return this hair clip to you, but I don’t have anything else; I’ll go out and get one tomorrow; can you wait until then?”

After class, Anastasia brings up the still-borrowed hair clip.

She’s embarrassed to admit that she doesn’t have many ornaments and that she won’t be able to return the hair clip Regina gave her yesterday.

Regina, however, simply responds.

“There’s nothing special about it, and I’ll give it to you.”


“It’s really just a small thing with no decoration, so don’t worry about it—but I could do with a nicer hair clip… It’s a holiday tomorrow—let’s go shopping together—let’s look at all kinds of shops, not just hair clips.”

Regina makes a different suggestion when Anastasia is perplexed.

Going shopping with a friend will be an uplifting experience for Anastasia.

On the other hand, she is unable to respond immediately.

“…Actually, I don’t have much money to spend…”

Anastasia muttered lowly, looking down.

She has enough money to buy the supplies she requires for her studies, but no extra cash.

She could at least get some cheap hairpins, but she won’t be able to afford to visit all of the stores.

“Well… I’m sorry you’re having such financial difficulties… But I can pay for that.

Anastasia shakes her head in response to Regina’s worried words.

A one-sided relationship differs from a friendship.

“I appreciate the sentiment, but I prefer to spend my own money—so I’m looking for a job that I can do while studying.”

“Come to think of it, it seems that the academy also introduces that program. I’m not very knowledgeable about it because I didn’t believe it was necessary for me… What kind of job are you considering?”


—In my previous life, I worked in transcription.

At the academy, jobs as a scribe and teacher’s aide were offered so that students could earn some extra money.

However, the pay was low for the amount of time required. This is understandable given that the work is paid for and there is no risk involved.

Anastasia, on the other hand, has only until the first semester break of her second year to gather sufficient strength to defeat the Demon Lord.

She doesn’t want to spend too much time on that kind of work.

Anastasia thinks that working as a hunter, going into dungeons and killing monsters, would be a good way to train.

“I decided to become a hunter and try my hand at killing monsters.”

“…hunter…? Killing monsters…?”

As Anastasia responded, Regina rolled her eyes in disbelief.

Anyone can become a hunter and hopefully get rich, but there are numerous dangers. By definition, there are many rogue hunters.

The higher-ranking hunters know good manners and are respected all over the country. Most of the lower-ranking hunters, on the other hand, are drifters who came to the world on the edge of poverty.

The Magic Academy’s students are, to put it mildly, elite. Even if they eventually fight monsters, they are usually able to use soldiers and hunters as fronts, and many of them look down on hunters.

“Are you… Are you sure…? I’m not sure if first-year students like us are prepared for this; no, I don’t think Tasha can do it.”

Anastasia responds lightly to Regina’s confusion.

“I think I can handle it.”

—In my previous life, I visited some of the dungeons around here, but there weren’t many monsters there. If it were the same now, I could probably walk through it by myself while humming a tune.

“If I recall correctly, there was a hunter guild here in Academy City…”

Anastasia was trying to remember something when someone approached her.

“H-Hey, I heard that you want to register as a hunter…?”

Hoyle speaks up while his gaze darts around the room.

Anastasia wonders if he’s come to curse again, but his voice isn’t as teasing as usual, and he seems different.

“W-Well… I’ve been out of line, and I’m sorry. So, if it’s about hunters, I know a thing or two… I’m a registered hunter in my own country…”

“Ara, you’re trying to flatter her now?”

“… Gina.”

Regina interrupted Hoyle challengingly.

Unexpectedly, Anastasia makes a reprimanding sound.

For a brief moment, Hoyle blushes and opens his mouth as if to scream, but he quickly closes it.

“…I wasn’t talking to you—Just stay out of it…”

Hoyle gives Regina an annoyed look and speaks softly.

“Who was it that came between us? —You’ve said whatever you want, and now this time you…”

“That’s why I said I was sorry!”

Hoyle appears to have reached his limit and yells at the top of his lungs.

However, he appears to have quickly calmed down and turned his head down with his mouth closed.

“… I’m sorry for yelling.”

Hoyle apologizes in hushed tones.

Anastasia is taken aback by the change in attitude.


“Gina, let’s hear what he has to say.”

Regina still wants to complain, but Anastasia gently shushes her.

Anastasia has never liked Hoyle because she has been poked and prodded a lot in the past.

But he has apologized and appears to be attempting to control his temper.

—It’s not going to be easy, but he’s trying to change, and I can see it in his face, so I don’t want to be dismissive.

“Are you familiar with hunters?”

“Y-Yeah, I used to be a registered hunter in my home country, and I hunted monsters—so I can tell you about hunters… If there’s anything you want to know…”

When Anastasia inquires, Hoyle responds with a shaky voice.

Anastasia smiled at him because he seemed to want to improve their relationship and wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. He just didn’t know how to act.

“I’m not familiar with hunters; could you tell me how to sign up?”

Anastasia accepted his hand, which he was trying his best to reach out with.



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