The Magic Princess Returns to Death and Defeats the Demon Lord Before the Hero – Chapter 14

Monster Extermination

Chapter 14: Monster Extermination

“Go ahead, Anastasia-san.”

Brandt smiles and hands the lead to Anastasia.


Anastasia nodded and moved forward.

The fee for Brandt’s escort is primarily to demonstrate Anastasia’s magical spells to him. Anastasia took it for granted, but Regina and Hoyle did not.

“Oh, no… Tasha, you can’t just go like that! Brandt-senpai!

“Low-rank wolves! It’s a little difficult for a newcomer in the dungeon! Senpai, you’re supposed to be watching over her!”

They object, but Brandt has none of it.

As the growling intensifies, three large black wolf-like monsters emerge, their eyes glowing red.

“Would you like fangs or fur?”

“No, I’m not interested—the materials you can get from low-ranking wolves aren’t worth the trouble of taking them apart.”

Anastasia, on the other hand, asks Brandt casually and simply nods in response.

She then concocts a formula to repel the approaching low-rank wolves. It only takes a moment to activate because she’s used it so many times before.

The low-ranking wolves were engulfed in pale light and burned to ash. With a clang, a gleaming pebble fell to the ground, and that was all that remained.


A shocked voice echoes.

Regina and Hoyle, as well as Brandt, were stunned.

“Um… It’s called [Demon Destruction]—It’s a magic spell that annihilates a monster’s body, leaving only its magical stone—it’s not suitable for extracting materials from the body, such as fangs or fur, but it’s useful if you just want to destroy it.”

“I’d never heard of it before… I only had a hazy understanding of the magic formula because it only lasted a split second—it seems to be a different variety from [White Fire]…”

Anastasia explained. Brandt was still dazed, but he was able to speak.

“Yes, that’s right. [White Fire] also damages the monster, but the body remains. But it is the same in that it works on the monster’s core, the magic stone.

“How much magical power does it use?”

“It depends on the monster’s strength and size; it’s roughly equivalent to intermediate offensive magic for today’s low-rank wolves, and if it’s a strong demon, it won’t work at all—it’s more of a magic spell to wipe out weak monsters.”

—This is also the magic I learned from the demon tribe in my previous life.

I was always forced to use it whenever we went into a dungeon. My former party told me I was useless and that I should at the very least kill the small fry.

“An Intermediate Offensive Magic Spell—it’s not something that can be fired repeatedly—I’m sure you’ll run out of magic quickly…”

Hoyle lets out a grumbling voice.

Anastasia did throw up when she ran out of magic at first, but now that she’s learned the formula for capturing magical elements, she can use it with ease. Now, if she’s dealing with low-ranking wolves, she’ll probably be able to use it a hundred times in a row without much difficulty.

“It’s just an intermediate-level offensive magic spell—this dungeon isn’t very big, so if we guess that we’ll run into about thirty monsters, that shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Brandt, Senpai… Isn’t that just your own magical capacity? How much magical power…”

Anastasia is taken aback by Brandt’s mumbled words.

She had promised to teach him the formula for capturing magical elements, but since they had learned [Transfer] soon after, she had only talked about it and had not yet taught him the formula.

Anastasia could only use this magical spell three times if she only used her own magical power.

“I… I can’t keep up with you two.

Regina’s voice is full of resignation.

Hoyle nods with a sullen expression.

“No, you’re still in the first semester of your first year, so it’s understandable that you don’t know. Even being able to properly activate magic spells at this time of year is a feat.

Regina and Hoyle’s downcast faces lift slightly as Brandt encourages them.

“…Was that referred to as [Demon Destruction] earlier? Let me see it again—let me learn the magic formula…”

Hoyle stares at Anastasia with silent determination.

However, the look is not malicious, as it was previously, but rather challenging.

“T-That’s right… Now is not the time for melancholy… I need to improve too.”

Regina also mumbles to herself, as if to motivate herself.

She then looks up and ahead.

“All right, I’ll try it slower next time.”

Anastasia readily concurs.

It’s difficult to remember the magic formula by watching. However, it is not impossible.

The magic formula for [Demon Destruction] is complicated and likely impossible for the two of them. Even if they can’t remember the formula, there are some things they can learn through trial and error.

“… Are you certain? You reveal your hand so easily.”

Brandt inquires in hushed tones.

“Yes, because having more power against monsters is beneficial.”

Anastasia responds with sincerity.

She desires to defeat the demon lord before the monster outbreak, but she may be unable to do so. If this occurs, they will have a better chance of survival if they keep their magical spells high.

In her last life, she didn’t know what happened to Regina and Hoyle after she left the academy.

—I’m not sure how it will go this time, but training them can’t hurt.

“It’s just… you probably won’t be able to handle it right now, but…”

Both of them still need to get their formula under control.

Anastasia believes she should let them look at it first, then gradually teach them. Seeing it in action should aid in their visualization and progress.

“If that’s okay with you, Anastasia-san, I’ll gladly join in—next time, I’ll take a closer look.”

“…I believe Brandt-senpai can handle it.”

Anastasia gives a bitter smile to Brandt, who appears to be excited.

She was only thinking about Regina and Hoyle, but Brandt will see them as well.

She now understands why Brandt said, “reveal your hand so easily.”

“So you’ll need twenty magical stones, correct? Let’s go.”

Brandt urges, and they continue deeper into the dungeon.

Another monster appeared along the way, so Anastasia slowly used her magic formula to cast a [Demon Destruction] spell.

Regina and Hoyle, who had been watching with bated breath, could only watch in frustration as the monster was destroyed and the magical stone rolled away.

“Oh, it’s interfering, so…”

Brandt muttered something to himself while nodding.

The four of them kept reaching the far end of the dungeon.

It was a small room with glowing mosses on the walls.

They had collected so many magic stones by this point that they could advance to rank 6 if they brought them to the Hunter’s Guild.

“I’m occasionally asked to collect this glowing moss. They say it can be used to make medicine.”

As Brandt explains, a moss plant shook in response to his voice.

Anastasia notices it and approaches the glowing moss.

Then she feels a gentle breeze. Anastasia searches for a hole in the wall, but all she feels is a thin stream of magic.

“Brandt-senpai, could you please come here for a moment?”

“… Huh? A magical stream…?”

When Anastasia called, Brandt followed her to the wall and appeared to sense the same thing.

“I’ve been here before, but I’ve never done this; let’s see… I’ll try to undo some of this magic…

Muttering, Brandt interferes with the flow of magic.

Then, with a heavy thud, a section of the wall slowly opened to the side.



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