The Magic Princess Returns to Death and Defeats the Demon Lord Before the Hero – Chapter 17

Call From a Female Student

Chapter 17: Call From a Female Student

Anastasia came to the courtyard, led by Keira, a third-year student.

It is a place covered by a magic spell barrier, which is sometimes used in practical classes.

“You are aware that it is against the rules of this academy to reveal your identity—rather than your identity, rely on your own strength—I’m second rank amongst the third-year students. And I’d be first if it weren’t for Brandt, the school’s greatest genius… So I’m practically first in my class, don’t you think?”


Anastasia replies listlessly to Keira’s rambling words.

—I’m sure they have bad intentions, but even if they don’t, I’m at a loss for words.

“Keira-sama’s father is the head of this country’s court magicians. He is also a noble-born count, a man of family honor and ability. I’m not saying it’s a personal preference; it’s just an explanation.”

“Keira-sama is a noblewoman who will inherit the county in the future. She is a perfect lady with a good family and good looks. That, of course, is only an explanation.”

Two of her followers talk about Keira.

They bring up her identity, but appear to get away with it by claiming it’s just an explanation.

“Of course, your social standing is irrelevant at this academy—but you do realize your life will be longer after you leave this academy, don’t you?”


Anastasia understands what she’s saying, but she doesn’t understand what she’s trying to say, and she feels like letting out a sigh.

“Brandt is currently at the top of his class, but when he graduates from the academy, he’ll be a simple magician with no backer—but I can elevate him to the position he deserves—he will not be able to do this alone, no matter how well he performs at the academy—I’m the only one who can—so you understand what you need to do, don’t you?”

“No, I don’t.”

Tired of going around in circles, Anastasia answered honestly.

Keira’s face, which had previously been relaxed, became distorted.

“…Are you stupid?”

“That’s what I’m frequently told—please state your business clearly.”

Annoyed, Anastasia retorts,

Even when Hoyle was constantly disparaging her, it had never bothered her so much. Perhaps it was because he was less indirect, more direct and forthright.

Hoyle also wanted to make sure he didn’t aggravate the situation because they were classmates who saw each other every day.

However, the people in front of her are from different school years and are so unrelated to her that she had no idea they existed.

Keira had already been labeled as an [enemy] in Anastasia’s eyes.

“… I guess the lowly ones didn’t get it. Fine. A lowly woman like you getting so close to Brandt, who has a bright future, is not in his best interests. So I tell you to mind your place.”

Keira gives Anastasia a stern look and says.

“I heard you had dinner with Brandt the other night. How dare you—he’s going to become a court magician with me in the glorious Magic Kingdom of Shannon, and we’re going to build a prosperous house together…”

In the following sentence, Anastasia remembers that there were also students from the academy in the restaurant yesterday.

Perhaps that’s where the story came from, but didn’t they hear Regina and Hoyle were also present? Or perhaps they simply do not want to hear it.

Even if Brandt had intended to become a court magician, she recalls that his first choice would have been the Sigwald Empire, not the Magic Kingdom of Shannon.

She could tell Keira was interested in Brandt, but Brandt wasn’t interested in her.

“You’re such a shallow person that you desperately try to get his attention by changing your hairstyle—but it’s pointless—I’m the only one who can stand next to Brandt. You’d realize that if you had half a brain and back away. That’s why you lowlifes are so…”

“I see. Well, goodbye.”

Not wanting to listen to the delusional ramblings of her presumptuous opponent any longer, Anastasia bids her goodbye and leaves the courtyard.

“W-Wait! Keira-sama is still talking to you!”

“What kind of upbringing do you have that you can’t even hear what other people have to say?!”

The two cronies yell at Anastasia, but she ignores them and walks away.

Keira stopped the cronies from yelling more complaints. It wasn’t meant to stop them, but to demonstrate that she was in charge of the situation.

“Now that I’ve said all of this, even you, born stupid as you are, understand that you must no longer approach Brandt, you may go.”

Keira’s words thrown at her back made Anastasia pause.

“…I’d stay away if Brandt-senpai himself told me to, but why should I listen to your self-serving arguments?”

She responded without turning around.

Brandt is Anastasia’s comrade, with whom she can discuss magic spells. It isn’t the romantic relationship Keira believes it to be, but she doesn’t like being told what to do about it.

“…It seems you don’t understand even when I speak to you calmly. Then I’ll show you the difference in power.”

Keira, who appears irritated, casts the magic spell [Buried].

Anastasia analyzes calmly that, as befits a third year’s second rank, the magic spell is quick to activate and the composition is lovely.

Anastasia’s feet are gradually giving way beneath her, but she can’t move because of the pressure from above, so she can’t get away.

“Don’t worry, I’m not trying to hurt you—simply bury yourself in the earth for a while to cool off and reflect.”

Keira’s voice is filled with pride.

Anastasia was swallowed up to her ankles by the ground. They’re probably trying to scare her even more by slowly burying her.

Anastasia’s opinion of Keira has shifted slightly. She’s not just the delusional weirdo that she thought; she’s also a third-year second-rank student with a lot of promise.

However, it is only a student’s magic. They have no idea how to fight.

Anastasia rewrites the magic formula of the magic spell released by Keira.

It was easy to change her magic formula, which was never meant to be taken, and Anastasia quickly took the lead.


Keira is shocked to realize she has lost control of the magical spell.

Anastasia gives the magic back to Keira and her two friends.

“T-This is a lie! This can’t be right! How… how can this be… Aaah?!”

“Wait… What… Aaaah!”

“What is this?! Oh, nooo!”

Keira and her two cronies are gradually consumed by the ground.

Anastasia’s feet have already returned to normal ground. She has some dirt on her feet, but that’s about it.

“Why don’t you people cool down a little? When you have time to poke fun at others, why don’t you work on improving your own strength? That way, I’m sure Brandt-senpai will return your gaze.”

Anastasia walked out of the courtyard without looking back.



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