The Magic Princess Returns to Death and Defeats the Demon Lord Before the Hero – Chapter 27

No Way Out

Chapter 27: No Way Out

“You… You killed my parents!”

Enraged, Brandt casts an offensive magic spell.

Countless blades of light surround and converge on the demon, piercing them all at once. It’s difficult to believe they were woven together so quickly and with such force.

However, the light blades dissipate before they reach the demon.

“It’s not bad, but it’s not powerful enough to break through the barrier—since I let you live that time, I’d like to see you try a little harder.”

The demon grins mockingly, showing a hint of composure.

“Why did you kill my parents?!”

A whirlpool of flame wraps itself around the demon like a snake. The barrier that protects the demon is becoming increasingly tight.

Anastasia saw the demon’s barrier shatter, but when the demon drew his hand away, the flame vortex shrank and burned out.

“That was quite good. However, it would have been preferable if there had been a second strike in quick succession… And why did I kill your parents? No, it’s you that I really want to kill—however, plans can change.”


“The death of your mother altered our plans. Now I must wait for you to mature—oh, by the way… I didn’t care about your father, but just in case… It’s a shame they both died so easily.”


Brandt grits his teeth and stares at the demon, attempting to compose an offensive magical spell again.

But the light that was about to be created bursts out and disappears, and Brandt falls to his knees in shock at the sudden loss of so much magical power.

Brandt, who was so enraged that his blood was boiling in his head, kept casting powerful magic spells using only his own magic power, without gathering magical elements from the surrounding area.

Even in the earlier battle with the dragon, he had unleashed enough magic spells to kill it with a single blow, and he must have run out of magic power despite having a massive amount of magic power.

“Oh dear… You’re out of magic powers already? —It appears that the collection of magical power is also not very good—you must be inexperienced—well, I guess that’s about as good as a boy can get before being awakened; after all, he’s only half a mixture.”

The demon sighs and looks down at Brandt, bored.

The demon has not yet been damaged.

“It’s boring to let you fall down like this… So, here’s an idea: I’ll have the princess here assist you in achieving despair—maybe you’ll awaken then.”

The demon turns to Anastasia.

At the same time, an anti-magic spell blockage surrounds Anastasia.

Anastasia tries to escape, but it is too late. The anti-magic spell blockage is stuck to Anastasia, so it follows her wherever she goes.

She can’t use her magic spells as long as she’s inside.

It is possible to break it by hitting it with greater magic power than magic spell blockage, but this demon’s magic power is quite high. It will not be so easy to break it.

This demon must be pretty high-ranking.

Anastasia had only met a few demons of this type in her previous life. And they weren’t the type you’d find in an intermediate-level dungeon.

Anastasia realizes she has underestimated her own gullibility.

“It appears that our princess is also a skilled magician. Just in case, I’ve sealed her magical spells.What are we going to do now? —Shall we just play it safe and slit her face open?”

The demon looks at Anastasia with a cruel grin.

Anastasia feels a chill run down her spine, but she says nothing and just stares at her opponent, waiting for him to make a move.

“Well… Isn’t she a little fearless? You’re the prince’s special lady, right? —Don’t you think we should show her some hospitality?”

“N-No… Don’t…”

“Well, well. There are some changes… I guess I was right. I don’t like women who haven’t matured yet… Well, I’ll just have to put up with it. At the very least, please sing in a nice voice.

The demon looked at Anastasia with twisted lips.

Step by step, he slowly approached Anastasia.

This is most likely to increase Anastasia’s fear and Brandt’s desperation.

Even inside an anti-magic spell blockage, non-magic spells can be used normally.

You can use punches and kicks, but demons are physically stronger than humans. And Anastasia is just an ordinary 14-year-old girl.

The demon is probably aware that Anastasia has no chance against him without magic.

The demon approached Anastasia with a calm demeanor.

“All right, then, let’s get started—this isn’t going to be hard—all you have to do is cry… huh?!”

The demon begins to speak, but his words are cut short.

Brandt cast a magic spell against the demon’s back. Even though the magic spell easily hit his back, which was not protected, it did not hurt him.

“…I had no idea you still had it in you—however, this much is…”

Without losing his composure, the demon looked back at Brandt.

However, Brandt’s true goal was not to attack the demon. But behind the magic spell he composed as a distraction, another was being composed in secret.

The anti-magic spell blockage surrounding Anastasia crumbles.

“What the…?”

Brandt coughs and spits blood as he looks at the shocked demons. Fresh blood splatters on the ground.

The use of magic spells when the magic power was exhausted put a tremendous burden on the body. It is not something that can be done with a small amount of magic power, such as canceling the magic spell blockage.

The whole body hurts, and it will be difficult to stay conscious. His magic circuits must be damaged as well.

But Brandt looks firmly at Anastasia and begs her to “run away.”

Anastasia can easily trigger [Transfer] with this brief opening, and Brandt is well aware of this.

He was prepared for his own death, but he also had a sense of peace knowing that he could protect what was important to him in the end.

“… I’m coming.”

This moment, for which Brandt risked his life, cannot be squandered.

Anastasia unfolds her magic formula and steps in with determination.

And then.

A formula-carrying fist slammed into the demon’s face.

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