The Magic Princess Returns to Death and Defeats the Demon Lord Before the Hero – Chapter 28

The Demon Lord Factor

Chapter 28: The Demon Lord Factor

Anastasia crushes the magic formula of the demon that tries to put up a barrier by covering it with her magic formula at a faster speed than the demon.

Then Anastasia’s fists struck the demon directly in the face with her magic. The demon’s high magic resistance makes it difficult for the damage to penetrate in this case, so a magic formula to lower the resistance is added.

When the demon tries to counterattack, she covers it with a formula that will destroy it, and when it tries to move, she uses a magic spell to prevent it.

It’s a sophisticated form of magical warfare, but from the outside, it looks like Anastasia is beating the demon with her fists.

Even Brandt, who had collapsed, appeared to have been startled to the point where his consciousness had been held back, and he stared at the battle with an indifferent expression on his face, as if he had forgotten the pain all over his body.

“Gugh… Hey… Gugh… Wait… Wait…”

The demon also looks confused and tries to fight back, but his movements are all over the place.

Anastasia took advantage of this chance and swung her magic formula-filled fists as hard as she could at the demon.

This was the battle strategy for dealing with the demons.

Because demons lack magical stones, spells such as [White Fire] and [Demon Extermination] are ineffective.

Anastasia had used forbidden spells to defeat high-ranking demons and the Demon Lord in her previous life, but they had taken a heavy toll on her body and left her with irreversible damage.

—I’d rather not take that route this time.

Anastasia’s preferred weapon is a quick and accurate magic formula.

If that’s the case, you can contain their magical formulas and damage them by directly striking them with your magic power, and if they try to attack you, you can either block them or deploy a barrier.

It was her first time fighting in this manner, but it worked well enough, especially since her opponent was confused.

“…What… What the hell are you…!”

At the end, the demon falls to his knees, still glaring angrily at Anastasia and shouting in a muffled voice.

He is bleeding from all over his body and appears to be unable to stand. The direct blow from the magical power must have left him with deep wounds, not only on the surface but also within his body.

His body is ragged, with only his bloodshot eyes burning with hatred.

He may have little fighting strength left, but he hasn’t lost his will to fight.

Anastasia’s fatigue, on the other hand, had grown significantly.

The exchange of magical formulas drains her magical and mental power, while the direct fist-pounding moves drain her physical strength.

Anastasia isn’t directly harmed, but she’s running low on energy overall.

This demon is the murderer of Brandt’s parents.

Brandt, of course, should be left to settle the matter.

But there doesn’t appear to be enough time. Anastasia has a feeling that if she doesn’t deal with him right away, he’ll bring disaster in the future.

Anastasia composes a formula to put an end to this.

“Don’t tell me… Are you saying you have the Demon Lord’s factor as well?! —No human being could… No, wait… Selestia’s…

Anastasia paused for a moment after hearing the demon’s muttered words.

The words “Demon Lord” and “Selestia” piqued her interest.

In that split second, the demon dashed to the dungeon core’s base, reaching for the red glowing sphere.

The dungeon core shatters as a high-pitched noise echoes through the air.

“Damn… I didn’t want to do it this way, but… keep that in mind! —I’m going to kill you the next time!!!”

The dungeon core’s power wraps around the demon, healing his wounds and bringing back his magic power.

The demon then vanishes after staring at Anastasia.

He seems to have used [Transfer].

Anastasia sits down on the ground, thinking that the demon has disappeared and escaped.

It was a shame, but also a relief, that she had succeeded.

Taking a deep breath, Anastasia approaches the fallen Brandt and shares her magic with him.

Anastasia’s magic power is low, and she can only provide first aid; even so, Brandt’s dazed consciousness seems to become clearer again.

“Ah… Kuh… Where’s the demon…”

Brandt tries to stand up, his face contorted in pain.

Anastasia shakes her head as she restrains him and forces him to sit up.

“… He escaped. I’m sorry.”

“No… No, it’s entirely my fault… if only I had remained calm… It’s all my fault…”

Brandt’s shoulders tremble with resentment.

His brow furrowed, and his anguish appeared to age him all at once.

Anastasia is taken aback when she sees this expression.

She thought she recognized Brandt when she first saw him in the library’s hidden room.

She had only seen him attend the academy in her previous life, so she didn’t think much of it because it was probably from that time.

But then she remembered seeing Brandt’s face somewhere before.

A statuesque face with deep creases between the brows, silver hair, and purple eyes

Anastasia saw Brandt at the end of her last journey in her previous life, aged and anguished.

—I can’t help but wonder why I hadn’t thought of it before.

The Lord of the Demons

The Demon Lord

Brandt’s features resembled those of the Demon Lord.



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