The Magic Princess Returns to Death and Defeats the Demon Lord Before the Hero – Chapter 36

Dungeon of the Academy

Chapter 36: Dungeon of the Academy

Afterwards, Regina, who had made a terrible mistake, got down on her knees and apologized to Brandt.

With a wry smile, Brandt forgave him. It was Brandt himself who laid the groundwork for this, so he couldn’t say anything strong about it.

As they were still on semester break, the disturbance took place in the corridor, but there were apparently no witnesses.

However, there were some who heard some of the voices from afar, and Hoyle had a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that more and more students were looking at him warmly.

Anastasia felt sorry for him, but there was nothing she could do about it, so she decided not to bother.

After such a little commotion, the semester break was over, and the second semester of the school year began.

While classes began as usual, Anastasia received permission to enter the academy’s dungeon.

Regina and Hoyle were also given permission, with the condition that there be more than one person.

This is the shortest permission currently granted. Brandt and Anastasia are the only ones to have been granted without conditions in the last decade or so.

Anastasia, Regina, and Hoyle decided to go to the academy dungeon together.

The receptionist was surprised at the fact that there were only three first-year students, but since they fulfilled the requirements, they were allowed to enter. It is said that first-year students are usually with upperclassmen when they enter the school for the first time.

“An academy dungeon isn’t that different from a regular dungeon, is it?”

As they enter, Regina looks around and gives her impressions.

The academy dungeon is a stone labyrinth that goes underground. The atmosphere is similar to that of the dungeon at the beginner level, which is a cave type with mud walls.

“This is also a dungeon. At the end, there is a guardian of the test, and if you defeat it, there should be a device that gives you [White Fire].”

Anastasia has already experienced this in her past life.

The Guardian are also strong enough to be defeated by some second-year students at the Magic Academy without any problems.

“As I recall, the monsters here are weak, aren’t they? I’ve heard that students rarely get seriously injured. It might be easier than a beginner’s dungeon.”

Hoyle mutters, seemingly without tension.

The monsters themselves are about as strong as in the beginner dungeons. However, the monsters don’t attack in a way that does much damage. Even when they turn their backs and run away, they don’t chase you and let you go.

Suddenly, Anastasia remembers the [Vampire Tower].

It was said that the monsters in that dungeon would not attack unless provoked for some reason. Anastasia and the others were exceptions to this rule when they went there, but it is said that normally there are very few deaths.

——I felt there was a malicious intent to take advantage of them without killing them.

On the other hand, the academy dungeon has a different purpose.

“Ah … It’s a monster. Straw dolls…?”

Regina discovers a monster.

A straw doll, about the size of a grown man, appears on the other side of the corridor.

The dungeons of this academy are full of inanimate monsters like these.

“Why don’t we just burn it?”

Hoyle releases a fire spell.

It’s a beginner spell, but now that he’s more practiced, it’s as powerful as the intermediate spells he used to use.

The straw doll burns easily and crumbles to ash.

A small magical stone is left in its wake.

“There’s a magic stone in this monster too. It seems smaller than the ones we usually see.”

Regina has already been to the beginner’s dungeon many times, so this is not unusual for her. She is not panicked by the monster either.

Entering an academy dungeon for the first time makes students who have never been in a dungeon nervous, but Regina and Hoyle are used to it.

“I don’t feel nervous because we’re the same members who always go to the dungeon. Well, senpai’s not here.”

“Speaking of which, did Tasha and Brandt-senpai get along in the end?”

“Eh? Uh, um… I mean… We’re going out…”

Suddenly, Anastasia nods in confusion and answers in a low voice.

Then Hoyle looked back in surprise.

“With senpai…? No, I knew it was going to happen… but… I see…

Frowning, Hoyle mumbles to himself.

“You know, senpai, he’s pretty mean. Even that crazy rumor… he’s just making a bad joke out of it… he’s so happy about it, he beats people up. I thought he was a lot weaker without his magic spells, but I was fooled…”

It seems that Hoyle is still reeling from his defeat in the fight.

Anastasia knows that he seems calm, but he’s actually belligerent.

“He looks thin. In fact, he’s well-muscled and well-toned.”

“Eh…? you guys… Are you already in that relationship…?”

Anastasia answered casually, but Hoyle looked shocked and asked.

“No, it’s not! He just showed me his magic circuits! I had to touch them directly, so I asked him to take off his clothes so I could see them!”

When Anastasia hastily denied this, Hoyle was even more amazed and speechless.

Regina also froze, with a similar expression on her face as Hoyle.

“Magic circuits… Um… Isn’t that much more awesome…?”

“… It’s common to have a one-night stand with someone you’ve never met before, but showing magic circuits to someone you’ve never met before is absolutely impossible. I can’t believe you’ve gone that far…”

Both Hoyle and Regina look at Anastasia in disbelief.

Indeed, showing magic circuits is like leaving your life as a magician to your partner. Without trust, you can never show them your magic circuits.

“Well… let’s just move on! Let’s hurry up and defeat the guardian!”

Anastasia feigns ignorance and walks away.

The magic circuits she had been shown were for healing, but she avoided saying that.

If she told them the details, they’d be worried about how Brandt could damage his magic circuits.

Regina and Hoyle both began to walk, though they looked somewhat dubious.

After that, monsters appeared here and there, but they were defeated with ease and continued on their way.

When they finally reached the room of trials, an armored figure with a sword was waiting for them. There is no one inside, but the armor itself is moving.

“So this is the Guardian of Trials. I guess it’s indeed different from the monsters we’ve seen before…”

Hoyle is nervous upon seeing the Guardian.

“I think so… Let’s see how it goes first…”

Regina agrees and unleashes a magic wind spell as if to test it.

The wind blades hit the armor in several layers, and the torn armor crumbled into pieces.

The pieces of the armor fall to the ground and disappear in a pale light. Only the magic stone remained behind.


Regina and Hoyle are both stunned.

Anastasia was the only one who seemed calm about the situation.

Regina and Hoyle are already more than freshmen. They won’t be able to compete with this level of practice.

Anastasia picks up the magic stone lying on the floor and places it on the pedestal at the back of the room.

A strong light filled the entire room for a moment.

“Ah … this is… [White fire]?”

“…I’m getting all dizzy…”

Regina and Hoyle hold their heads.

Anastasia is fine. After all, she has already mastered it, so nothing seems to happen.

Anastasia thinks about the academy dungeon as she watches the two of them holding their foreheads in wonder.

This is clearly a training dungeon.

This dungeon is said to be an ancient legacy, but dungeons are supposed to be created and controlled by demons.

It is the work of demons to bring forth monsters.

So what does it mean to give us a way to defeat monsters efficiently?

The ancient magic spell is similar to the magic spell of demons.

Could it be that they are the same and that the demons were the ancient rulers?

“… Tasha’s a little hazy too. It’s like something’s burning directly into her head, which is weird.”

Regina calls out to her, snapping Anastasia out of her reverie.

She apparently assumed Anastasia was also perplexed by the sensation of having obtained [White Fire].

“Yeah… So, now that we have [White Fire], let’s go back.”

Without denying it, Anastasia nodded. She decides to put away the thoughts that have been floating around in her head.

This dungeon exploration will come to an end once [White Fire] is given.

——In my past life, I never visited this dungeon after receiving White Fire.

Anastasia and the others thought it was too easy and went back the way they came.

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