The Magic Princess Returns to Death and Defeats the Demon Lord Before the Hero – Chapter 38

Request for help

Chapter 38: Request for help

Kicking off a few weak monsters here and there, Anastasia and Brandt make their way to the Chamber of Trials.

However, the Guardian does not appear, and there is only a single pedestal in the back of the room. Apparently, only those who have received [White Fire] will see it.

“This pedestal opens up, and there’s a switch inside.”

Brandt taps the bottom of the pedestal twice. A small window opens under the pedestal.

And when Brandt puts his hand inside, the wall behind the pedestal shifts with a heavy thud, and a path appears.

“We’ll be back in a little while, so let’s move on.”

They move on to the back.

The environment is almost the same as before, but the air is somehow heavier.

Soon, two doll-shaped monsters made of stone appear. From the looks of it, they seem to be stronger than the monsters that appeared before the Chamber of Trials.

“By the way, you can also just use [White Fire] throughout. But I don’t think you’d learn much by doing that.

“Right. I’d like to try a different way of fighting.”

Anastasia nods at Brandt’s suggestion.

Maybe [Demon Destruction] would work, but that would be too easy.

Anastasia has already mastered [Demon Destruction] and [White Fire]. There is little that can be gained by practicing further.

——If the goal is to reach the innermost part of the dungeon, that’s fine, but I’m here to train myself.

Unless the situation is dangerous, [Demon Destruction] and [White Fire] should be kept out of the way and other fighting methods should be tried.

“If you don’t mind, could you show me the one where you strike the magic directly with your fist?”


Anastasia nods and walks toward the stone doll in front of her.

The stone doll moved slowly, and Anastasia’s fist easily reached the doll.

The fists are not powerful in themselves but serve as a medium for magic, so they only need to be touched.

Unlike the fight against the demon, Anastasia does not carry any magic formulas on her fist but simply strikes it with her magic power.

The next moment, the stone doll shattered into pieces, and the pieces of stone and the magic stone crumbled to the floor.

“… I see. That’s how you do it.

muttered Brandt, full of admiration.

Then, this time, Brandt heads to the stone doll behind him.

When he hit the stone doll with his fist, there was an explosion. Stone pellets fly in, and Anastasia erects a barrier. “

“Ha ha… It’s hard to get used to…”

Brandt also seemed to have put up barriers as quickly as he could and was unharmed.

he lets out an awkward, dry laugh.

“There’s too much magic power to hit. Also, doesn’t it hurt your knuckles?”

“Yeah, it hurts.”

“It doesn’t need you to exert force to hit it with your fist, so you just need to touch it lightly. Try one more time.”

Brandt struck another stone puppet with considerable force, hitting it with his fists and magic power.

The light fists turned red, and the stone dolls exploded from the excess magical power poured into them.

Anastasia applies a healing magic spell to Brandt’s reddened fist. The redness quickly fades.

“Thank you. This is quite difficult… it seems hard to resolve it as nicely as Anastasia-san does…”

“Until you get used to it, you might want to cast defensive magic spells and enhanced magic spells on yourself and hit with the intention of exploding. You should also practice controlling the amount of force you use, but Brandt-senpai’s strength is a weapon, so you should get used to it.”

“Right. Next time, let’s try using defensive and strengthening magic first.”

The two then go deeper into the academy dungeon.

When a monster appears, Anastasia and Brandt fight it by hitting it with their fists.

From the outside, you’d think they were fighters, not magicians.

By the time they reach the last room, both are exhausted.

“… my physical strength… Too heavy…”

“… to reduce the power of… It’s hard…”

Anastasia learned quite a few fighting techniques in her last life, but this body was built before that.

She knows how to move in these situations, but her body can’t keep up.

She was reminded that she needs to build up her physical strength.

Brandt seems to have trouble controlling his magic.

If he only used magic spells, it would be fine, but since he combines combat techniques with spells, he can’t focus on that alone, and his control is disrupted, making it impossible to suppress the power of his movements.

Nevertheless, the number of explosions gradually decreased.

“… This is good for training.”

“Yes. We’re at the transfer stone. It’s just in time. Let’s go back.

In the center of the room is a large hexagonal crystal-like transfer stone.

If you touch it, you can return to the entrance of the Academy Dungeon.

“Let’s come back tomorrow… I have a clear idea of what my problem is…”

Anastasia grits her teeth, having never thought she was this frail.

——I had been to the dungeons before, but I had already mastered the magic and was taking it easy, so I guess I didn’t realize it.

Striking directly with magic power also highlighted the poor state of the magic circuit. It is far poorer than it was at the height of my last life. This didn’t bother me because I had been using a lot of techniques to capture magical elements.

I need to work on my physical strength as well as my magical abilities.

“Yes, let’s come back tomorrow. I feel a little better already; I just need more practice…”

Brandt seems to be thinking about his problem, too.

They return to the entrance with the transfer stone and promise to go back to the academy dungeon tomorrow.

The next day, they go through the dungeon again, defeating monsters.

The situation seemed a little better than the day before.

The next day they went to the dungeon again, and the day after that they went to the dungeon again, day after day.

“… Somehow, the number of monsters is decreasing, isn’t it?”

“Well… maybe we beat them too quickly. Maybe the monster production can’t keep up.”

As the days went by, the number of monsters gradually decreased.

The number of monsters appearing before the Chamber of Trials seems to stay the same, but the number of monsters after that decreases significantly.

——I didn’t feel out of breath even when I reached the innermost room today.

My body is probably getting fitter, but the fact that the number of monsters has decreased is also a big factor.

“Tomorrow’s the weekend, so let’s try another dungeon. Maybe the monsters here will recover after the weekends.”

“Yes. I hope the monsters are recovering, because without them there is no point.”

They went to the beginner’s dungeon on their weekends.

And when they went to the Academy Dungeon’s reception after the weekends, the woman there frowned and called out to them.

“There are students who went into the dungeon and didn’t come back for a long time. They are Mauve and Norv from the second year. They’ve been rescued before. I can’t believe it’s happened again.”

The receptionist sighs.

“Are you requesting for help?”

“Yes, since Brandt-kun just arrived, please.”

Brandt nodded and headed for the entrance to the academy dungeon.

Anastasia wondered if she should go with him, but Brandt asked her to go with him, so she went after him. 



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