The Magic Princess Returns to Death and Defeats the Demon Lord Before the Hero – Chapter 4

A Secret Door

Chapter 4: A Secret Door

Anastasia immediately asked her teacher about the researcher, Foster, after setting a goal.

She was taken aback, however, when she was told that “no researcher has such a name.”

“Do you want to work as a researcher? If you can perform such feats of magic, I recommend you become a court magician.”

The teacher tilted his head in her direction.

The best job for a magician is to be a court magician, then a nobleman’s magician, and for those who don’t like rules, a hunter. However, the most lucrative jobs are all related to fighting.

Some monsters can only be killed with magic spells, not with swords or other physical attacks. This makes offensive magicians very valuable.

In comparison to these professions, researchers are underpaid.

It is a job for those who can study but lack magical power, or for those who have magic power but are too weak to do hard labor.

However, generalization is difficult because some of the graduates have worked as researchers as a second career after being active in other fields.

“No, I’m not talking about after graduation yet… I’m just curious.”

Anastasia plays it down.

In fact, Anastasia was a natural researcher in her previous life. She was the best at written work at the time, but in practical work she was in the middle. Anastasia’s combat abilities stem from her battles with monsters.

—But, at the time, I assumed that after graduation, I would either return to my home country or marry somewhere, so I never considered becoming a researcher.

“I see. There’s no need to rush because you’ve only recently joined the academy. Personally, I’m curious to see what you can do with your current skills… It is entirely up to you to choose your path. Above all, have fun with your student life.”

“Thank you very much.”

Anastasia’s heart softens as she hears the teacher’s words.

Although she was advised to become a court magician, her teacher told her that she had to make her own decision. She is relieved that Anastasia’s wishes were respected rather than imposed on her.

However, the absence of a Foster Fellow may be a historical anomaly.

Perhaps a new Foster Fellow will be appointed in the next year and a half.

In any case, it appears that there is no way to contact the researcher, Foster. We have decided to put the matter on hold for the time being and will revisit it later.

When she entered the classroom, her classmates began to murmur as they noticed Anastasia. However, no one spoke to her and instead just stared at her from afar.

—In my previous life, I had no friends and was completely alone. I didn’t have anyone to talk to, but I had exchanged greetings with or at least chatted with my classmates.

Instead of being avoided, my previous life was buried beneath the surface. However, I now stand out and am avoided.

The class began as it was. There was no movement from one classroom to another today because it was a classroom lecture and training in magic spell control.

—I’ve taken this class before, and while I’d rather not be taught, it’s surprisingly enjoyable to revisit the fundamentals.

Anastasia had risen to the pinnacle of magic spells in an unusual way, so slowly relearning the fundamentals seemed like a good way to look at herself.

“Hey, what in the world did you do yesterday? Did you plant explosives in secret? Did you really want to beat me that much? You should be embarrassed to use such a cowardly trick in a magic spell practice.”

Someone approached her after the class.

Hoyle arched his brow, crossed his arms threateningly, and spoke quietly.


Anastasia is at a loss for words.

It’s a false accusation, but Anastasia’s magic spells were stolen from the demon tribe, so perhaps it’s a cowardly trick.

However, there are no explosives, and anyone skilled in intermediate magic should be able to detect the presence of a formula. Hoyle probably doesn’t believe Anastasia’s magic is rigged, but he’s being incoherent to protect his own pride.

Anastasia is unsure of how to respond to such a person.

“Ara, of whom should she be ashamed of? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could create an explosive that only reacts to your magic and nothing else?”

Then a cold voice cut in.

Regina also proudly crosses her arms and looks at Hoyle while her large breasts jutting out.

“Huh… What the f*ck! This is none of your business! Don’t cut in!”

“Ara, you’re screaming like a lunatic. Having a moron like you as a classmate calls the entire class’s integrity into question—I’m warning you not to act in such a derogatory manner.”

Hoyle switches sides and bites Regina, who responds flatly.

“Sh-Shut up! Midget! You shut up!”

“If you can’t retort back, you must be a moron to criticize my appearance. And I’m not exactly petite. You are only as big as your attitude. In your head, you appear to be the polar opposite. But what do magic spells and body size have in common?”

“Your magic spell is nothing more than a hair-shaking joke! Don’t act so high and mighty!”

“… What? Is my amazing hair a joke? I knew you were stupid, but I didn’t expect you to be this stupid…”

“Ha! You’re stupid for referring to me stupid! stupid!”

Their argument is becoming increasingly nonsensical.

“Uh… Um…”

Anastasia is at a loss for words, so she calls out to them, and Hoyle and Regina turn around with angry expressions.

“Shut up! Don’t cut in!”

“Could you please be quiet for a moment?”

The fight now appears to be between Hoyle and Regina, and Anastasia is now an outsider.

Anastasia nodded weakly, having been rejected by both of them.

Anastasia decides that there is no point in saying anything and exits the classroom, leaving the two fighting students behind.

—I’m getting tired.

She sighs and walks to the library, which she used to frequent in her previous life. She would go to the library after class to unwind and read on her own.

—The library, which I hadn’t visited in years, was exactly as I remembered it.

The quiet, ink-scented room makes Anastasia want to cry, and she walks through it step by step, as if to make sure.

She walks deeper into the room, recalling how she used to read books in this room when she first arrived at school and how she spent the majority of her second year here.

She eventually reached the end of the corridor.

This is a very advanced area with a small number of visitors.


Then she became aware of a strange presence.

When she focused her attention on it to see what was going on, she found that it seemed to be hiding something with a magic spell.

She examines it thoroughly using the [Detect] magic spell. Anastasia’s magic spell seems to be stronger than concealment because she found a hidden door in the back wall.

“Such a place…”

—I had never known of the existence of such a hidden door in my previous life.

Perhaps I didn’t have the authority to recognize it at the time. The power of concealment is so strong that even teachers, let alone students, must struggle to detect it.

This magic formula is not taught in the academy, but it is similar to that of the demon tribe’s.

Anastasia strove toward the door, restless and anticipatory.



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