The Magic Princess Returns to Death and Defeats the Demon Lord Before the Hero – Chapter 41

Brandt's troubles

Chapter 41: Brandt’s troubles

Anastasia and the others were returned to the entrance of the academy dungeon.

The two female students were still unconscious, but Brandt just glared at them coldly and did not try to help them up.

“They’ll collect them if we tell the reception, so let’s go,” said Brandt, urging Anastasia and starting to walk.

Anastasia hesitated to speak up, wondering if there was something on Brandt’s mind about the words of the administrator proxy or whatever it was earlier.

“Anastasia-san, are you okay?”

Anastasia was confused when she was called out by Brandt. She couldn’t immediately tell what he was talking about.

She thought that maybe something in the words spoken by the administrator proxy earlier had caused some kind of shock.

There was something that bothered her, but she shouldn’t have received any big shock.

“I think we were able to prevent the magic spell because we had a barrier up…”

As Anastasia tilted her head, Brandt continued.

Finally, she realized it was about the two female students.

“It’s okay. That level of attack is nothing, and it was prevented by the barrier.”

“If that’s the case, then it’s fine… but I’ll report on this and have them punished. If we include the attack on the transfer stone, I think we could drive them to expulsion.”

Anastasia replied, and Brandt, with a still-unclear face, talked about how the two female students would be dealt with.

Anastasia was speechless at the lack of mercy in the content.

“…they seem to have been under mental control, so expulsion might be a bit pitiful…”

“But they attacked Anastasia-san. I can’t forgive that.”

Anastasia tries to calm him down, but Brandt’s anger is more intense than that of the person who was actually attacked.

Although Anastasia was also annoyed at the two female students, there was also the fact that Brandt firmly rejected them, so she was not actually that angry.

Rather, she even had the leisure to feel sorry.

Brandt is worried about Anastasia and is angry for her sake.

It was a bit of a hassle, but it is a fact that Anastasia’s heart was satisfied. Because of that, she doesn’t care about the punishment of those two female students anymore.

“Well, how about proposing that the academy dungeon is off-limits? If we do that, I don’t think we’ll receive any more rescue requests…”

“If Anastasia-san is okay with it…”

Although he still seemed unconvinced, Brandt nodded anyway.

Anastasia and Brandt headed to the reception desk and explained the situation.

They concealed the fact about the administrator and talked about how the female students had deliberately tried to be rescued and had become confused and attacked.

Angrily, Brandt declared that he would absolutely not go if there were any more rescue requests, and the female receptionist also looked flustered.

According to the female receptionist, it was not something that could be decided here, but it was almost certain that the two female students would be banned from entering the academy dungeon.

We returned early, so we still have time today.

Anastasia and Brandt went to the hidden room in the library.

The’ve been going to the academy dungeon a lot lately, so it’s been a while since they came to this room.

“…It hasn’t been that long, but I’m tired.”

“Yes, I feel like a lot of time has passed because of the unexpected and strange events, but actually it hasn’t been that long.”

The two of them sit on chairs somewhat dazed.

“…The fact that the founder of this academy was a demon was a bit of a shock. But for me, the fact that there are different factions or differences in ideology among demons may have been more shocking. I’ve never thought about that before.”

Brandt was talking about demons, but his tone and expression were calm.

Anastasia silently watches to see if there has been a change in Brandt, who has previously shown his hatred for demons openly.

“Anastasia-san, if I… no, it’s nothing.”

Brandt opened his mouth to speak, his face a little afraid, but he cut off his words halfway.

But Anastasia understood what Brandt was trying to say.

It is likely that Brandt has noticed the possibility that he has demon blood in him.

Even so, he may be worried about whether he will be accepted.

In reality, Anastasia is almost certain that Brandt is not just of demon blood, but is also a descendant of the demon king.

But even so, it is not the time to talk about it now, since Anastasia likes Brandt regardless.

However, if Anastasia were to say something like “I think you are a descendant of the demon king, but I still like you,” it might have the opposite effect.

Besides, if asked why she thinks so, Anastasia cannot answer that it is because Brandt looks a lot like the demon king. It would only lead to the question of where she saw the demon king.

“Brandt-senpai… no matter what the circumstances are, I like Brandt-senpai.”

All Anastasia can do is softly approach and wait until Brandt wants to speak.

Anastasia softly placed her hand on Brandt’s and smiled.

Then, Brandt’s eyes widened in surprise before a smile slowly appeared on his lips.

“…thank you.”

And with that, the conversation about that matter came to an end.

After that, they talked about normal things like how it might be better to take a break for a while because it’s not good to defeat too many monsters in the academy dungeon.

Eventually, it became evening, and the two returned to their dormitories.

The next day, they heard from Regina that it seemed the town was getting busy because the school festival was approaching.

Come to think of it, the atmosphere in the school also seemed to be slightly festive.

Anastasia had been so focused on diving into dungeons lately that she felt like she had missed out on everything.

“Come to think of it, the school festival is coming up soon.”

As she said that, Anastasia suddenly remembered her previous life.

She remembered that, shortly before the school festival started after the mid-term break, she received news of her engagement.

But this time, she didn’t listen to that story.

Such a story is just annoying to hear, but it seems that this life is different from the previous one.

With the wish that the engagement would not be decided and the fear that the conversation might come at any moment even though the timing was a little off, the time passed and the academy festival began.

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