The Magic Princess Returns to Death and Defeats the Demon Lord Before the Hero – Chapter 6


Chapter 6: Learning

Anastasia’s consciousness fades as she closes her eyes against the glaring light.

—You feel a floating sensation as if you are being pulled up rapidly into the sky, and you feel a jolt as if you were being pierced by a bolt of lightning. There is no pain, but I feel dizzy and as if my brain has been directly shaken.

Something burned in my mind at the same time.


You’re dizzy and light-headed, but your consciousness is gradually improving.

As if nothing had happened, the light from the transparent sphere has dissipated and sunk into the wall.

Anastasia was aware of this sensation.

It came from the time when she was endowed with a magical spell. This had happened to her several times in her previous life.

There are several devices in the world that can be engraved in your head to the point where you can activate specific formulas and are said to be the gods’ legacy. There had to be one in the dungeon beneath the magic academy.

Perhaps that device is the transparent sphere embedded in the wall.

“Uh… [Transfer]…?”

Anastasia shifts her focus to the magic spell.

It appears to be a device that endows a spell to transport yourself to a specific location. It appears to be capable of transporting at least one additional person at the same time.

This room, however, is the only one that can be designated as a specific location. The transparent sphere appears to be a transfer marker, but the formula for that part cannot be rewritten.

—It may be possible to rewrite it once I have a better understanding of this magic, but it is currently impossible.

Anastasia is also aware that there are ways to transfer magic at the adept level, but she is unwilling to try it right now.

“…What just happened? What [Transfer]…?”

“Nothing happened to Brandt-senpai?”

“I noticed a glow but nothing else.”

“I was given a magic spell—I believe it’s the same formula as in the academy’s dungeon. It’s known as [Transfer]. It appears to be a method for transferring from somewhere else to this location.”

Despite being in the same location, Anastasia appears to be the only one who received a magic spell.

Anastasia expresses her surprise.

“What a formula…”

Brandt raises an eyebrow in thought.

If the formula is the same as in the Academy Dungeon, anyone should be able to receive magic spells. Anastasia tilts her head.

“Why is Brandt-senpai──.”

【Brandt is also capable of learning [Transfer]. Would you like to learn it?】

Anastasia had just opened her mouth when she heard an inorganic voice in her head.

Anastasia closes her mouth with a shrug.

“What’s the matter?”

“I…Didn’t Brandt-senpai just hear that voice?”

“No, I didn’t hear anything at all—what did it say?”

【Brandt-senpai is also capable of learning [Transfer]. Would you like to learn it?】


Unlike Anastasia, who is terrified, Brandt speaks clearly and without hesitation.


The transparent sphere on the wall lights up as soon as Anastasia responds.

The light isn’t bright enough to turn the entire room white, but it glows briefly before dissipating.

“…Yes, I learned it. T-This formula is fantastic…”

Brandt appears to have obtained the magic spell as well.

He appears to be mulling over the formula, muttering to himself with a sullen expression.

“Could it be, it can talk…?”

Anastasia communicates with the transparent sphere on the wall.

She was never spoken to by a device in her previous life, when she was gifted with magic spells. This is the first time something like this has happened.

【Anastasia currently does not have any spells to learn.】

A voice echoes in her head once more.

It wasn’t an answer to her question, but Anastasia wondered if it was proof that she could communicate with the device in and of itself.

【At the moment, Brandt can learn the magic spells [Blood Chain], [Demonic Disease], and [Black Death]. If you want to learn them, please specify which ones.】

The voices continued, and Anastasia almost screamed as she held her mouth shut. Her heart was racing, and her palms were sweating.

The magic spells listed are all demon spells and curses that Anastasia learned in her previous life. They are also dangerous forbidden spells that cost a high price every time they are cast.

Furthermore, it should have been a one-of-a-kind magic spell learned by breaking the core that was the dungeon’s life.

It sends shivers down her spine to think about how such magical spells can be so easily learned.

“This formula is… I guess it’s all fixed… It is possible to change it conditionally, but this would necessitate…”

Fortunately, Brandt was so preoccupied with [Transfer] that he didn’t seem to notice Anastasia’s state.

Anastasia decides against informing Brandt about the voice.

Learning a forbidden spell will only bring you misery in the future. Anastasia shudders as she recalls the end of her previous life.

These forbidden spells do not appear to happen unless you specifically request them and attempt to learn them.

Brandt doesn’t seem to hear the voice, and he won’t know unless she tells him.

But there’s still the mystery of why only Anastasia can hear the voice.

First, the device Anastasia knows only works the way it did when [Transfer] was given to her.

There is no voice, no choice, no questions are asked, and only one magic spell is carved into your mind.

—I’m not sure what to make of it all.

“This formula, Brandt-senpai…”

Anastasia decides to put the situation on hold. Instead, she begins by discussing the unknown [Transfer] with Brandt.

“Yeah, I’ve already got some ideas…”

Brandt responds enthusiastically.

They talk about the [Transfer] formula for a while.

Anastasia had no one to discuss magical spells with, and Brandt had no one to converse with on the same level. Their conversation is animated, and the time flies by.

Ting! Ting! Ting!

When they hear bells ringing in the dusk, they finally come to their senses.

“It is getting late—we need to get back to the dorm.”

“I’ll miss you terribly. We still have so much to discuss. I spend a lot of my free time in this room, so feel free to drop by—I’d like to speak with you again.”

“Yes. Of course I’ll come—I’d like to speak with you as well.”

Brandt’s proposal was what Anastasia wanted too.

Despite being the academy’s top student, Brandt was approachable and treated Anastasia as an equal. This is unfathomable for Anastasia, who has been deprived and exploited.

They talked animatedly about magic spells, and despite the fact that they had only recently met, Anastasia was growing increasingly impressed with Brandt.

“Thank you very much. Anastasia-san, it was a pleasure to meet you here today. Every word you said was a surprise and seemed to light the way—after meeting you today, I believe my life has changed dramatically.”

Anastasia was embarrassed because she felt as if she was being seduced by Brandt’s words. It was exaggerated, but it tickled her.

──Anastasia has yet to discover how drastically her life has changed.



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