The Magic Princess Returns to Death and Defeats the Demon Lord Before the Hero – Chapter 7

Ugly woman

Chapter 7: Ugly woman

Anastasia and Brandt began meeting in a secret room in the library.

The next day, Brandt arrived at the hidden room with [Transfer], which he had just learned. Anastasia later experimented with it and confirmed that it worked flawlessly.

Those who had already seen through the door’s cover didn’t seem to be affected by it, so they could go in as usual.

Anastasia’s daily routine was to visit the hidden room after class.

“There’s a lady wandering, hunching around like a ghost—It’s disgraceful. An ugly woman is not worth living, but she’s breathing well.”

And Hoyle’s snide remarks about her after class have become habitual.

He’s started calling her names because of her appearance, as if he thinks she’s not good enough for anything but magic spells.

Anastasia, who had been heavily criticized for her appearance in her previous life, was not going to be moved by this. Hoyle’s words had been heard as background noise as she looked forward to discussing magic spells with Brandt later on.

” …”

Regina looks intrigued as Anastasia tries to leave the classroom again while ignoring Hoyle.

Anastasia notices the expression but leaves the classroom without saying anything.

As she walks towards the library, she notices Brandt approaching from the opposite end of the corridor. He was flanked by a female student with flaxen hair, both of whom were dressed in robes over their school uniforms.

Brandt’s expressionless face resembles a walking statue, and his handsome features appear even colder. The girl next to her appears to be following her at a frantic pace, and Brandt does not appear to be adjusting to her.

“Anastasia, there you are.”

As he recognizes Anastasia, Brandt’s expression softens. The image of a cold statue abruptly changed.

“Hello, Brandt-senpai.”

“Today I have to visit the academy’s dungeon—that is why I am unable to study magic spells today.”

Brandt has specifically come to tell Anastasia about the change of plans.

Anastasia is taken aback that he went to such lengths.

“No… No, I’m fine—I wish you the best of luck.”

“Oh, thank you so much.”

Brandt turns back down the hallway with a fresh smile on his face. That was all he wanted to do.

The girl next to him comes to a halt, her beautiful face contorting into an ugly expression as she looks at Anastasia.

“…you’re an uncouth and unattractive woman.”

The woman let out a small note of hatred in her voice before following Brandt.

Anastasia feels strangely calm as she considers how likely it is that her appearance will be disparaged. However, she was born this way, and she has no control over it.

First-year students are not yet permitted to enter the academy’s dungeon. They won’t be allowed in until the second semester of their first year, at the earliest, due to the presence of monsters.

Anastasia has been there before, but she doesn’t believe there were many monsters. Brant should have no problem.

And if Brandt isn’t here today, going to the hidden room is pointless. Anastasia stands in the corridor, contemplating checking things out on her own.

“Are you the first year student who used the advanced magic spell?”

Then, from behind her, a haughty voice called out to her.

Anastasia turns around and notices an unusual male student. His uniform indicated that he was a first-year student, but he was not in the same first class as the other students.

He has blond hair and a big body, and he looks at Anastasia with a world-weary expression.

“My name is Morhy Dikker, the second son of the Zigwald Empire’s glorious Counts of Dikker.”


Anastasia has a bad feeling about the man who proudly introduces himself as himself.

It is customary at this academy not to reveal one’s identity. Students are only addressed by their first names.

These people don’t appear to be the type of people you can get along with because they break the rules so easily.

“Rejoice; I will make you my servant—after graduation, I’ll take care of you in my home. It would be too great an honor for such a lowly woman. You should be happy.”

Morhy speaks arrogantly, but his statement is still mind-boggling.

Anastasia sighs softly and closes her eyes. —This is a level of acceptance that I would not have accepted even the last time my life was at “his” beck and call.

“… I decline.”

Morhy’s face contorts in disbelief, and he begins to tremble.

“You arrogant b*tch, I’m the one calling out to you! Who the hell do you think I am?! Who the hell do you think you are?! You’re not just ugly on the outside; you’re also ugly on the inside!”

Anastasia is disgusted as Morhy begins to scream.

In her previous life, she was a quiet student, but this time she gets involved with a lot of people: today it’s Hoyle, the earlier mentioned girl, and Morhy in quick succession.

It’s probably because she stood out during the first practical training.

However, no one has mentioned the magical spell’s power. Anastasia suspects that if she isn’t defeated in that department, she will be targeted because of her appearance, which is easily undermined.

“You’re making far too much noise in the corridor—i’m curious if it’s common for people from prestigious families to shout indiscreetly.”

Regina interrupts, looking at Morhy with an air of dignity.

“First and foremost, you are not permitted to discuss your identity at this academy. How can you attend the academy shamelessly if you don’t understand such a thing? I’ll report that monkeys are mixed up with the students.”

“Huh… What?! Who do you think you are…!”

Morhy yells even louder as Regina gives him a scornful look.

“What’s the fuss about… Oh, Morhy, I’m sorry. I believe you should take another good supplemental lesson. Come on.”

“No! It isn’t my fault!”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s that time of year when these things appear… Geez, seriously…”

But then a teacher appears and takes Morhy away without a second thought.

Anastasia and Regina are left behind.


“…I hate people who are overbearing because of their family background when they have nothing good to prove themselves—sorry. I just cut in spite of myself.”.

Regina sighs as Anastasia contemplates what to say to her.

Anastasia is about to thank her when Regina looks at her with a grim expression on her face.

Anastasia closes her mouth involuntarily.

“But, first and foremost, Anastasia-san is to blame! I can’t take it anymore! —Won’t you come with me for a moment?!”



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