The Magic Princess Returns to Death and Defeats the Demon Lord Before the Hero19

“… I’m not in a romantic relationship with Hoyle-kun—I was just trying to divert their attention away from the numerous people who appear to be offended by Anastasia.”

Anastasia cringes as she hears a whisper diagonally behind her. Her heart is pounding like a fast bell, and she’s too startled to speak.

Somehow, Brandt was there.

“Come on, Hoyle-kun. I’m here to pick you up. Let’s study again today.”

Brandt calls out with a fresh smile, and the rest of the students in the classroom buzz.

Brandt, the best third-year student, has traveled all the way to the classroom just to pick up Hoyle.

Anastasia thinks quietly to herself that this will be good fodder for the girls who have been gossiping about her.


While looking pressured, Hoyle quietly follows Brandt.

Anastasia is stunned as she watches them walk away.

This was apparently done to discourage the girls from staring at Anastasia.

But what does implying a romantic relationship with Hoyle mean?

Is it a good idea to sacrifice Hoyle?

And why are the girls who have been staring at Anastasia now smiling warmly at Hoyle?

And, most importantly, is Brandt content with such rumors about him?

Anastasia is getting a headache from all of the questions.

She looks at Regina, who has the same odd expression.

“… Shall we go shopping for a change?”

“Yeah, alright…”

Anastasia nodded at Regina’s suggestion, which seemed to be an escape from reality.