The Princess Who Can Read Hearts Doesn’t Notice the Obsession of Her Fiance – Chapter 10.2

Chapter 10.2

“No, it’s okay.”

I replied cautiously, not wanting to give away my motives and intentions. It seemed like the imperial princess and prince were working together, but in reality, the princess was being used.

Grose Baehr was a group of seven assassins. They were known among the nobles in Verde for their ability to complete any mission, no matter how many knights or mages surrounded their target. It was said that “you should never make enemies with someone, because Grose Baehr will definitely kill you.” In addition to their exorbitant fees, they only accepted requests from the person seeking the assassination, without allowing any intermediaries.

This seems to be related to the story of guiding me through the castle town.

“Actually, the princess will guide me through the castle town…I am grateful for the opportunity.”

“I see. You are a generous person.”

“Hmm…isn’t the princess the type to be consumed by jealousy? It depends on Dorothea’s efforts. It would be good to create a fait accompli.”

“What is there beyond the fact that it’s already done? If Theodore and the princess are doing something while I’m here…I’m not a generous person, I might go crazy with jealousy. I really want to go back and stop them right now. But that’s just my wish as Ester, as the next queen Esterize Alessa Acardi, I have to stay here. Acardi, busy stopping the invasion of demon beasts, has no room to fight with other countries. It’s my duty to extinguish the spark of war.”

“Oh, right. Hey, Bella.”

Suddenly, I turned to the direction of the maids and called out to one of them. The woman named Bella, with her hair tied up in the same Claret color as mine, smiled kindly and bowed deeply.

“She’s not from the castle town, so it would be good to take her with us. She’ll be useful.”

“Yes, if it’s okay with Her Imperial Highness and Bella-san.”

“Of course.”

“This is Esterize Princess…the person I will impersonate at the birthday celebration.”

…I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed with too much information.

“As expected, she has a similar height and build. Her hair color looks the same, and her mouth is not much different, so if she covers it with a veil, no one will notice…Should I leave it to Bella instead of Dorothea to make contact between the princess and Grose Baehr?”

Ah, but I feel like I’ve grasped the situation now.

In summary, the younger brother of the emperor, who is still eager to go to war with Acardi, instigates the princess to create a motive by buying her resentment to get Theodore and contacts Grose Baehr to fabricate witness testimony and evidence. At the birthday celebration, a woman named Bella is made to impersonate me and confess to the crime. 

It’s a simple plan, but it’s troublesome to avoid. Moreover, I don’t just want to let it go, but I also want this old fox to retire soon. If I think about it, it’s beyond my ability to handle it alone, so I have to ask for Diark’s help at least.

“. . .Well then, I’ll see you the day after tomorrow. I’ll take my leave now. . .”

“Wait a minute. Can’t you tell me about the recent situation in Acardi?”

“Dorothea said that she was in the same room as that young man. It wouldn’t be good if she came back too soon.”

I try to leave as soon as possible since the necessary conversation is over, but I am stopped again. I have no interest in talking, so what do they want from me?

As I was thinking about how to leave this place peacefully, footsteps approached.

“Princess Esterize!”

“. . .Roland!”

“I’m glad you’re safe. It would be troublesome if you suddenly disappeared. . .”

It was Roland, one of the guards on duty at the door tonight. He must have been looking for me all this time. He came to my side, out of breath, and finally noticed the presence of the emperor’s younger brother, hastily saluting him.

“As the escort has come to pick you up, I’ll take my leave tonight. Excuse me.”

“Hmph, how disappointing.”

The younger brother of the emperor seemed to have given up on pushing further and walked away. As I watched his back, I finally relaxed my shoulders and let out a long sigh.

“I’m sorry and thank you. I’ll be going back now.”

“Please do. . . Let’s hurry, the third princess is here.”

One trouble after another. No, the trouble had already come before the first one was resolved.

If the emperor’s younger brother intended to kill the princess to start a war, I had to protect her at all costs. For that, it might be better for Theodore to stay with the princess. He could surely protect her even against Grose Baehr.

However, the problem was whether to tell him the truth beforehand. It was not hard to imagine that the emperor’s maid would pretend to be me and kidnap me. Although it was somewhat worrying what they planned to do with me, as they couldn’t easily confine me with my teleportation ability. I couldn’t see the future where I left the princess alone and ordered Theodore to protect her.

. . . And so, I ended up in the room without a clear answer. As I let out a small sigh, Roland, who was walking behind me, spoke softly.

“If something happens, please come out of this door instead of teleporting. I’ll accompany you on a night walk as much as you want.”

“. . . Haha, thank you very much. I’ll do that.”

I quietly entered the room, grateful for his kindness. I briefly wondered what I would do if I heard a scream, but it was quiet. For a moment, I was relieved, thinking that he might have already left.

. . .However, I stumbled upon a moment when Theodore leaned in so close to the princess on the sofa in the reception room that their lips were about to touch.



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