The Princess Who Can Read Hearts Doesn’t Notice the Obsession of Her Fiance – Chapter 12.2

Chapter 12.2

“Well, don’t make a scary face. I’m just joking.”

Perhaps my thoughts were written on my face, but the princess laughed without any sign of fear. I gave up on pretending and asked nonchalantly.

“. . .Are you going back already?”

“I have no choice. I’ll invite you for tea later.”

There are few Verde people who can speak Acardi language. Although Verde language has become the common language on the continent, the acquisition rate of Acardi language as a second language is high, so there is no need to learn the language of a small country.

Therefore, those who speak Acardi language are either Acardi people or those who frequently engage in diplomacy – the princess and him.

“By the way, are you not going to interfere with them?”

As I rushed to the window where I could see the two of them, I heard a small conversation in Acardi language. “Them” refers to me and the princess, and speaking in Acardi language is a countermeasure against eavesdropping. Curious about Ester’s answer, I hid in the bushes to listen.

“. . .I don’t know.”

Perhaps because the other person is the Crown Prince, Ester spoke in a weak voice that she used to only show me in the past. Are they really. . .The princess’s words from earlier echoed in my mind, and I tightly pursed my lips.


“Yesterday, I finally found out. Theodore really likes me.”

I almost blurted out in surprise, “Huh? Just now? You’re slow.”

“Hehe, yeah.”

Although she managed to hold back her surprise, Ester was anxious that they might hear the sound of her heart pounding.

Even after reconciling at the founding party, Ester seemed to still have some doubts and was keeping a backup plan in her heart.

“You hate me, don’t you? You always want to be away from me, and you actually dislike me. . .That’s why you want to break off our engagement. . .”

Ester said that last night, but now. . .

No matter what the reason was, finally. . .her feelings reached me. I felt my eyes getting hot and pressed my fingers against them to hold back the tears. But then I wondered why she said that there was no need for an explanation. However, that question was quickly resolved.

“Acardi is my top priority. That’s why I want Theodore to be at least second. But he might not even be the second most important person to me. Even though I know he’s being threatened, I didn’t even bother to help him or listen to him. But I believe that’s the best thing to do.”

It seemed that Ester was also moving for some reason. Without me having to explain, she already knew. Yet, I made Ester feel cold towards me. . .and I fell into depression, believing it to be true.

It’s okay if I’m not treated as important. I just want to protect what’s important to Ester together. So there’s no need for her to worry about such things.

“I finally believe that I’m liked. . .but. . .I might be too unlikable. No, I might already be hated. . .”

I want to hug her and tell her that it’s not true and ask for her forgiveness. . .but Ester said that it’s best if I don’t know anything, so I have to endure it to not waste her feelings.

As I walked from the dressing room to here, my plan to assassinate the princess, which I had carefully planned in my head, dissipated. I was threatened and couldn’t even talk to Ester, so I’m awkwardly following the princess’s orders. If that’s what she wants, I’ll just do as she says.

–However, if Ester’s safety is threatened, no matter how much it’s her wish, I’ll abandon the princess immediately.

“That’s not true. Sir Theodore understands your feelings properly. . .right?”

. . .From the way he speaks, it seems that the Crown Prince has noticed me. Even though I’m hiding in a distant blind spot where their voices can barely be heard, I can tell. Is it unreasonable for me to not want them to show off their close relationship if they know I’m here?

“. . .Yes. I have to do my best for a little longer. . .”

After hearing Ester’s words, which sounded like she had made up her mind, I quietly left the scene.



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