The Princess Who Can Read Hearts Doesn’t Notice the Obsession of Her Fiance – Chapter 18.1

Chapter 18.1

Greetings, everyone. I am Sophie Vanderfeller, one of the four Dukes of the Verde Empire and I am here in the imperial capital for Princess Dorothea’s birthday celebration. However, I have heard some unsettling rumors.

It seems that my favorite couple, Esterize-sama and Theodore-sama, have been torn apart by Princess Dorothea. When I asked Diark about it earlier, he said there was nothing to worry about, but. . .

“Here comes the entrance of Princess Esterize Alessa Acardi and Duke Roland Oberti’s son.”

Who is it!? Well, I know who it is!

I had thought that Esterize-sama’s partner would be Theodore-sama, but it was someone else. I gripped my fan tightly, like a radical supporter of a fixed couple from the lower town. Of course, their behavior was somewhat distant, and it was clear that they were just filling in at the last minute.

However, I heard that Theodore-sama was also here, so why is he not the one accompanying Esterize-sama? It’s unlikely that he would be unwell, so. . .I have a bad feeling about this. Could it be that Theodore-sama. . .

Nervously and anxiously, I wait for the main event. And then, the music changes, and the trumpets sound loudly. . .The moment has finally arrived.

“Announcing the entrance of Her Highness Princess Dorothea and Theodore, the son of Count Kieza!”

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe that woman! Diark, there’s nothing to worry about! It’s a landmine for me if I’m caught sleeping! My fan broke in half! It’s a defeat for my ladylike education!

And Theodore-sama, who I thought was being forced to be a partner and would have a difficult time with Her Highness Princess Dorothea, is now showing a melting smile that should only be directed towards Esterize-sama. Even though Theodore-sama is kind to everyone, I thought he disliked the Highness Princess Dorothea. . .That’s a misunderstanding! It’s a misunderstanding!!!

By the way, is that brightly colored botanical flower dress that Her Highness Princess Dorothea is wearing possibly a Chrysler dress? I heard she canceled it because she didn’t like it, even though it was almost finished. . .

On the other hand, Theodore-sama is wearing a black and gold formal attire. It matches Esterize-sama’s face veil, but it could also be said to match the color of Her Highness Princess Dorothea’s hair and eyes. It’s not a costume that matches Her Highness Princess Dorothea’s outfit, but it’s still better than nothing.

Even so, I thought Theodore-sama was only interested in Esterize-sama. . .I might be bedridden for a few months due to the shock. . .

Esterize-sama seems to have no place to go. It’s understandable. I also have to silently watch him be the partner of other women because of certain circumstances that prevent me from publicly announcing my engagement to Diark. The frustration and confusion I feel at those times are indescribable.

As soon as His Majesty the Emperor and Her Highness the Princess finished their words, I decided to go and greet her.

“Thank you for gathering here for me today.”

Even though she is a problematic future sister-in-law, she is indeed a member of the royal family. Her dignified voice echoes well in the spacious venue, even though she is not speaking loudly. I thought she would say something like “Be honored to celebrate my birthday!” but after finishing a surprisingly safe greeting, Her Highness Princess Dorothea takes a step back, and now it’s His Majesty the Emperor’s turn to speak. It was a content that said something like “I’m sorry for my selfish daughter, but please take care of her from now on,” but I want the parents to take responsibility and do something about it.

“Well then, cheers!”

As His Majesty calls out, we raise our glasses.


Suddenly, a gunshot echoes through the venue.

Bang! Bang!

Followed by the sound of an explosion.

“. . .Huh?”

A moment of silence. During that time, everyone understands what the sound was, and now panic and screams begin to rise.


“It’s, it’s Grose Baehr. . .!”


Due to the Hinderan stone, four-element magic cannot be used in this venue, so what was just used was not a magic gun. In Verde, the manufacture and possession of gunpowder-based guns that do not use magic, as well as their importation from other countries, are strictly prohibited. Of course, the same applies to non-magical bombs.

Grose Baehr is said to be illegally possessing those guns and bombs. How much money was he offered to take such a high-risk assassination attempt during a crowded party?

As I looked around to see who was being targeted in the first place, while glancing at the people running away, I saw Theodore-sama crossing swords with a suspicious person while protecting Princess Dorothea.

“It’s dangerous, so please step back, Sophie.”

As I leaned forward and watched with bated breath, my cousin Gilvester, who belonged to the Royal Guard, stood behind me and gestured for me to step back. He was recently appointed as my partner by Diark’s request. I was surprised by the sudden request, but could it be that Diark knew about Grose Baehr’s attack. . .? That’s why Gilvester was assigned as my escort. . .?

Ah! Could it be that Theodore-sama was also serving as Princess Dorothea’s partner for the sake of her protection? In that case, it means he wasn’t stolen away by her, right? If that’s the case, then the weight on my chest would be lifted. I have to emphasize again that being stolen away is a disaster for me.

“Never mind me, why don’t you go help Sir Theodore?”

“At my level, I would only be a hindrance.”

That’s amazing. Gilvester is already considered a skilled leader at the young age of 25, and yet he would only be a hindrance?



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