The Princess Who Can Read Hearts Doesn’t Notice the Obsession of Her Fiance – Chapter 19.1

Chapter 19.1

Since the attack of the dragons during the war with Acardi, which turned several cities in the Entlich territory into a sea of flames, the entire empire has become aware that they should not interfere with that country. Not only that, but the people of Entlich, who were saved from the dragons, deeply appreciate Acardi for defeating them, and some even worship the royal family with their strange powers. however, the late Emperor, the father, turned a blind eye to it, and even the current Emperor, the elder brother, recognized Acardi as a friendly nation, providing substantial aid as defense expenses.

I didn’t like that. Why should Verde be friendly with such a small country? Certainly, they suffered damage from the dragon attack, but they couldn’t handle it because it was unexpected. It’s just a matter of being prepared for the next time.

Moreover, it’s almost a crime of rebellion to worship someone other than the absolute monarch, the emperor. Despite this, they say that they are descendants of the saint loved by the god we also believe in, and that it’s not a problem to worship them as a saint, not as a monarch. . .

Rather, isn’t it because they have strange magic that is unique to saints? When people are faced with a power that they don’t have, they usually either fear or worship it. I fear it. That royal family is a dangerous element that could shake the authority of the emperor and the empire. The country should be brought under control as soon as possible, and the royal family should be eradicated.

If Diark, who favors the next queen, becomes the emperor, there is no doubt that this relationship will continue in the future. We must stop it at all costs. That’s why we needed a just cause to overturn the friendly sentiment towards Acardi and start a war.

Even if the selfish Dorothea, who was known for her selfishness, was killed by an Acardi, it might not be acceptable to immediately start a war. However, if it became known that a woman who kills people like that would become the next queen, the people would reconsider.

That was the plan. . .but what is this situation?

“Foolish. . .”

Even Fia and Zechs, who excelled in swordsmanship among the overwhelming power of Grose Baehr, were no match for the next Acardi prince, a brat who was said to be detestable to Dorothea.

It’s not that they underestimated the brat. However, they had weapons, and the brat was unarmed. Moreover, there was no reason for the brat, who disliked Dorothea, to risk his life to protect her.

Nevertheless, the brat dodged the bullet with a hidden dagger, then threw the dagger at Fia’s hand holding the gun, and quickly took Zechs’ sword with lightning speed, rendering both of them unable to fight in an instant.

Why did he have a hidden dagger in the first place? Bringing weapons was, of course, prohibited. Of course, there were limits to baggage inspections for fancy people. . .Weapons hidden in places that could not be found in such inspections could not be retrieved with the speed to respond to a surprise attack. In other words, it means that permission was granted to bring weapons.

Why? Was it discovered? Did someone betray them? What about the other five? They could have killed him if they had attacked together from the beginning. What are they doing?

I have endless doubts, but I must pursue as planned. Unfortunately, since Dorothea did not die, it will not be a significant result, but the fact that they tried to kill her should leave some resentment. It should also awaken the followers.

“Assassins, who were you targeting?”

“We came to kill the princess over there.”

“Who hired you? Spit it out! If you do, your punishment may be lighter.”

It’s ridiculous, even for me. I know who they were targeting and who hired them. After all, Grose Baehr is an organization I created.

Since the empire’s shadow only follows the emperor, I needed my own pawns. If I let them operate as an assassination group rather than a shadow organization, I could gather information about who holds grudges against whom and have leverage over those who requested the killings. And money would come in.

“. . .A woman with a veil on her face. You should understand if I say that.”


It is well known that Grose Baehr does not accept requests through intermediaries. That’s why everyone’s attention turned to the woman Zechs mentioned.

“Is that her?”

“. . .Yes, there’s no mistake.”

“What! The princess of Acardi tried to kill the empire’s important princess. How lamentable!”

Of course, it wasn’t the princess of Acardi, but my maid, Bella. As a bastard child, she had been despised by her father, Marquis Hanawald, and abused by her half-brothers. She was willing to do anything if it meant protecting her only ally, her mother, who was taken hostage.

Loyalty is not something that can be easily believed. Fear is what rules over people.

“Yes, I did request it.”

“Are you repaying Verde’s favor of supporting Acardi with betrayal!? Why would you do such a thing!”

“Well, that’s because. . .”

The real princess is being held captive in a villa on the outskirts. She is locked in a small room made of Hindern stone, restrained with shackles, and put to sleep with sleeping pills. Furthermore, she has taken Acardi’s servant as a hostage, so there is no way she can escape.

Now, say it, Bella. Say that it was because of jealousy. Let them know that the devil who is willing to kill for love is the next queen.

Now. . .

“Because you asked me to, Your Highness, the Crown Prince.”

“. . .What?”

I realized that my voice was trembling slightly as it echoed in the silent hall. A sudden betrayal. Did she abandon her mother out of a sense of guilt? No, her feelings for her mother should be stronger than that. That’s why I entrusted her with this.

“What on earth is going on?”

“Oh, Brother. . .”

“I know about her. I was with her yesterday. She’s the Marquis Hanawald’s illegitimate child and. . .your uncle’s maid, right? Can you tell me what’s going on?”

Thinking that there would be no further pursuit, I approached Diark with my brother. I want to say that I don’t know this woman, but when she boldly removes her veil and shows a face resembling Marquis Hanawald, I can’t find the right words to deceive them. Whether she knows it or not, Bella continues to speak.



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