The Princess Who Can Read Hearts Doesn’t Notice the Obsession of Her Fiance – Chapter 20.2

Chapter 20.2

“So, what’s the other thing?”

“. . .Could you please forgive Chrysler-san?”

Upon my words, Chrysler-san gasped.

“What she did was an act of treason. . .Her words could even be seen as interference in domestic affairs.”

“I understand.”

“Why would you even ask for something like that? Is the hypocritical saint-sama merciful and pure-hearted?”

Theodore stepped forward to protect me from the slightly murderous princess. He seemed irritated by her words that belittled me, but I knew I was being unreasonable, so I pulled his hand back.

“It’s not about sympathy or hypocrisy, it’s simply because. . .When I pretend to be the Third Princess, I don’t want to wear a dress that matches Theodore’s.”

The princess seemed surprised by my firm answer, and then she put her hand to her face in exasperation. Even her kol, who was listening nearby, seemed taken aback, thinking, ‘Is that the reason? Shouldn’t it be something more noble?’

“. . .It’s fine because it’s you.”

“That’s not good! If people think that the Third Princess and Theodore are in that kind of relationship. . .But for the Princess’s birthday celebration, we need a special dress, don’t we? We can’t prepare one at the last minute, so if there’s still the dress that Chrysler-san was making for the celebration, it should be fine, right? Oh, Chrysler-san, I’m sorry for the sudden request, but. . .Can you finish making it by tomorrow afternoon, even if it’s just one dress?”

“Um, well. . .I only sold the large jewels, so if we work without sleeping, we should be able to finish in time.”

She was surprised by the sudden question, but nodded in agreement.

Even though it was me, from the perspective of others, I was no different from Princess Dorothy. And yet, I couldn’t bear the thought of wearing matching outfits. It was purely a personal matter… but.

Chrysler-san had made a dress for the princess’s birthday celebration, and if she had removed even the small jewels and sold them, she could have reduced her debt a little. However, she had kept it as it was, without making any major changes, because it was the dress she had made with her brother.

If I could help someone while satisfying my personal feelings and use the dress for its original purpose, it would be killing two birds with one stone. . .that was the second condition.

“So, I want to wear Chrysler-san’s dress. But if I wear the dress of someone who has been convicted of treason at the birthday celebration, it will lower the dignity, won’t it?”

I tilted my head, trying to be persuasive.

“Ugh, fine, I get it! Just release the spell already! Don’t make a pitiful face while looking like me!”

“That’s good. . .Thank you!”

“Sigh. . .But there were a lot of witnesses, so you should do something about that.”

“Oh, I’ll take care of the witnesses.”

“Well, that’s good then. . .”

Knowing how important hair was to the royal family, there was a chance of success, but I was relieved that they agreed to my conditions. I put on my face veil again and released the magic.

“. . .Why does Theodore look a little disappointed?”

I asked him anxiously as he frowned at me. Did he prefer the appearance of the princess? I think he likes me, but maybe he prefers the appearance of the princess?

Perhaps he understood my thoughts, as Theodore quickly shook his head. 

“Even though it’s a different appearance, it’s the first time I’ve looked into Ester’s eyes. . .”

“Well, we have time tomorrow, so let’s talk then.”

Even though I transformed, it seems that Theodore still sees me as myself. Even with a clear view, I rarely talk to people without feeling the sensation of the veil on my skin, so I suddenly became nervous.

. . .But now is not the time for such talk.

“Also, Bella.”

This time, I called out to Bella. She bowed with a face like a criminal before execution.

“If the plan of the imperial prince has been exposed. . .then they must know about me too. I’m sorry, Mother. . .”

“Um, your mother. . .if you’d like, I can heal her?”


She seemed to understand the words, but blinked repeatedly as if she couldn’t comprehend. 

“Of course, I won’t do it for free. If you testify that you are our ally and acting under the orders of the imperial prince, I will heal your mother right away and hide her where the imperial prince cannot reach her.”

“. . .!”

She would do anything for her mother, but it seemed that she didn’t lack a sense of guilt. If possible, she didn’t want to involve herself in wrongdoing, but in the face of her mother’s life, it seemed like a trivial matter. That’s why I believed that as someone who could use healing magic, it would be easy for me to win her over.

My prediction seemed to be correct, as tears began to well up in Bella’s eyes as she understood my words.

“The poison that was given to Okaa-san cannot be cured by an antidote. Moreover, I’m sure he will continue to hold my mother hostage. But with Saint-sama’s healing magic. . .”

“Please. . .I’ll do anything to help. . .Please save my mother. . .”

It was the arrogance of the imperial prince who did not anticipate being detoxified by me. Well, it couldn’t be helped since I wouldn’t have known her situation without magic that could read her mind.

“Yes, I will definitely do it.”

As a descendant of a saint, and ultimately as an Acardi, he needed to understand the implications of picking a fight with me.



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