The Princess Who Can Read Hearts Doesn’t Notice the Obsession of Her Fiance – Chapter 21.2

Chapter 21.2

Afterward, I returned to my room and waited to be kidnapped.the kol, one of the servants, had explicitly mentioned that sleeping pills were placed in mine and Theodore’s dinner, so I made sure to eat it convincingly, resetting the effects discreetly with healing magic before pretending to sleep. Theodore opposed it again, but I reassured him, saying that I trusted him to help me if anything happened, so it would be okay.

Late at night, when I was almost asleep, an intruder arrived and I was restrained and put into a box-like container. I wasn’t scared because I knew it was going to happen, but I trembled a little at Theodore’s killing intent as he slept next to me.

I was loaded onto a carriage and jostled for about an hour. When we seemed to have arrived somewhere, I was unloaded and guided to a room somewhere underground. I was left there in the box, as is.

“I’ll go report to him. Keep the hostage in this room.”


“I’ll go report to him. You keep the hostage in this room,” the kol’s voice said, and then my maid was brought in.

“If you value your life, please make sure the princess doesn’t escape.”

“Too bad. I’d rather die than be a burden to Her Highness,” my maid replied.

“. . .You’re quite confident. But you know that magic can’t be used here, right?”

“Just because magic can’t be used doesn’t mean I have a reason to fear weak people like you.”

Ugh, Acardian women are all so strong-willed and troublesome!

Thinking that, I quickly removed the restraints and teleported with Theodore back to that room, despite the displeasure it caused. Of course, it’s possible to teleport to a person as a target, not just a place. Perhaps the reason why Acardi has always had successful first-born succession is because the first princess has an extremely high acquisition rate of teleportation magic.

When we returned, the guard who seemed to have become angry was waving his arm at the maid, but Theodore kicked him down. He quickly restrained him and knocked him out. His quick assessment and judgment were much appreciated.

“Theodore, thank you. . .Macarena, I’m sorry for involving you. Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m sorry for getting caught. . .”

“I’ve caused trouble for Her Highness. . .I’m so useless. . .”

Despite her previous confidence, she now looked visibly downcast. Only a few knights knew that I was going to be taken away, and I feel sorry for causing her distress without her knowing the situation.

I knew in advance that I would be kidnapped, but I wanted to make it look like I was taken against my will. So I asked him to wait here until the birthday festival began, and the guilt seemed to fade somewhat.

I also brought a female knight who had arranged to be a body double in case of emergency, and I was sorry to ask her to stay in the box instead.

Of course, to ensure their safety, I stationed three knights nearby in case of emergency. Verde’s soldiers were supposed to board at the time of the birthday festival.

“Well, should we have a person join us or capture everyone who came to check on us?”

“Oh, then I’ll do it.”

Theodore said as he took the key out of the guard’s pocket and easily carried him on his shoulder.

“Please wait a moment, as it may be unsightly.”

“I received approval from His Royal Highness the Prince Consort, but I’m a little worried about whether I can do it well since it’s been a while since I’ve practiced. . .”

He moved to another room, and his voice, which was relatively normal except for anything related to me, was probably true. Approval from my father? It’s been a while since he practiced. . .As I wondered about these questions, I heard a gruesome scream that was too terrible to describe.

“You… didn’t realize she was the body double for the First Princess when you abducted her. And that person has been sleeping inside the box, without awakening. Also, don’t switch with any other guards. Understood?”

“Y-Yes, sir.”

“If you betray me,. . .”

“I-I won’t betray you! Never! So please!”

“I’d rather be killed by His Imperial Highness than go through that again. . .!”

After a while, Theodore returned with a man who was clutching his body in fear to an abnormal degree, while Theodore’s face showed a slight sense of accomplishment.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I think it’s probably okay now.”

Looking up to the sky with an innocent smile that seemed to say “I’m glad it went well,” I wondered what Theodore had been taught to make him say that being killed by His Imperial Highness would be better than going through that again.

. . .It was the moment I decided to take responsibility and marry him no matter what.

Afterward, I went to the princess’s room and transformed into the princess’s appearance to prepare as the princess…

“I’ll be right here.”

And that brings us to the present, where I have returned to Esterize’s form.



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