The Princess Who Can Read Hearts Doesn’t Notice the Obsession of Her Fiance – Chapter 24.1

Chapter 24.1

I was embarrassed by my small mistake that caused me to run out of magic power, but by the next morning, I had fully recovered.

During that time, I talked with Theodore, who was feeling down, but he started saying things like he wasn’t suitable to be the next king consort, which confused me. It was all because I had stuck my nose where it didn’t belong and caused a self-destructive situation, but he even felt responsible for that. I didn’t want to see his troubled face, even though I didn’t want to see Diark get shot either. While regretting my selfish actions, I used a rather cunning. . .no, a very cunning method to make him nod. If there had been a third party present, they would have called it blackmail.

Even so. . .

“. . .I love you. From the bottom of my heart, only you, Ester.”

“. . .That’s why. . .please marry me.”

Although his his kol was stomping on the chance to break off the engagement, Theodore’s expression didn’t seem like he was saying something he didn’t mean.

From now on, I’ll take care of myself. It might be difficult to correct the habit that had become almost reflexive, but I thought I could do it if it was for Theodore, who cried because he couldn’t protect me.

“Ester, the Crown Prince and his party would like to come and visit you. . .um, the third princess. . .Her Highness is also coming. Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m completely fine now. Can you tell them it’s okay to come?”

Unfortunately, it seems that Theodore has not slept a wink while accompanying me until now. His eyes were red, perhaps from crying, but he was still a handsome man who didn’t look disheveled. I tried to persuade him to sleep, but he firmly refused, so I didn’t insist.

As we waited in the living room and had a light meal, Diark and Princess Dorothea arrived, followed by. . .

“Esterize-sama! I’m glad you’re safe. . .!”


As soon as the door opened, Diark’s fiancée, Sophie-sama, came in with a face that looked like she was about to cry. It was rare for her to be openly with Diark like this.

“. . .Could it be?”

“Yes. Most of the people who were after me, including my uncle, have been caught, so there’s no need to hide anymore.”

Sophie-sama showed a beautiful smile to Theodore, who tilted his head in confusion upon hearing their conversation.

“I apologize for the late introduction. I am Sophie Vanderfeller, Diark’s fiancée. Please remember my name from now on.”

“Thank you very much. I am Theodore Kieza. . .Your Highness, were you engaged?”

The engagement between Sophie-sama and Diark was decided when they were children, but it was not a political marriage. Diark fell in love with Sophie-sama, so there was a high possibility of him being taken hostage. That’s why only a select few people really knew about it.

Well, the reason why I, a foreigner, know about it is that at that time, I had no one else to consult with. He made an unreasonable request, saying, “How should I propose? I don’t want to fail. Use your amazing Saint magic to predict Sophie’s ideal proposal.” 

“Well, because I’m genuinely in love with her, so don’t worry.”

“. . .That’s a different matter.”

While Diark held Sophie-sama’s waist and laughed cheerfully, Theodore didn’t show any obvious signs of anger towards the Crown Prince, but his face looked like he had bitten a bitter bug. If he wasn’t overly self-conscious, it might be a story of jealousy towards my close relationship with Diark. 

Sophie-sama’s eyes were sparkling with joy, but it didn’t seem to be because of what Diark said.

“So this is the “most precious thing” that everyone is talking about these days. . .!”

Yes, she has a good personality, a beautiful appearance, and high magical power. . .but somehow, she’s a little. . .how should I put it, a cheerful young lady in her heart.

“I thought being the Crown Prince’s fiancée would be a heavy burden, but seeing you two so close like this. . .it’s wonderful!”

I’ve talked to Sophie-sama a few times, but I don’t think I’ve ever been with Theodore. So when I see her spinning around with excitement, I feel like tapping Diark’s shoulder and cheering him on.

“Hey! Are you forgetting about me!?”

The princess’s cheeks turned red with anger as she trembled.

“I’m not forgetting about you.”

“. . .Well, never mind. Come on, it’s a promise. Change your hair back quickly.”

The princess still seemed to be hiding her hair by braiding it. Oh well, it’s a promise. . .As I stood up, Diark hit the princess’s head with a smack.

“What are you doing, Onii-sama. . .!”

“Hey, what’s with that attitude? You caused trouble. You could have been killed if it weren’t for Esterize.”



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