The Princess Who Can Read Hearts Doesn’t Notice the Obsession of Her Fiance – Chapter 28.2

Chapter 28.2: Birthday Present


“Theodore, happy birthday once again.”

“Thank you. I had a really happy day because you celebrated it with me, Ester.”

Finally, it was Theodore’s birthday. A small birthday party was held at the Count Kieza’s mansion, as per Theodore’s request. As his partner, I gave him a present just before the party, but I didn’t have the courage to give him the one that Angelica recommended. Instead, I gave him a normal bangle, but he smiled genuinely and happily.

That’s why I decided to give him a present that would make me want to cover my face and say, “Who would want something like this?”

“Um, so, this is your birthday present. . .”

Theodore, who had already moved to the royal castle with less than six months left until the wedding, was planning to stay at the Kieza residence for a family gathering on his last birthday as a Kieza. From that background, I mustered up the courage to hand him something as he came to see me off for my return to the royal castle through teleportation. I was so nervous that I accidentally used the formal “desu” when addressing him for the first time in a while.

“Huh? But you just said. . .”

“That was a backup. . .this is the real one.”

Saying that, Theodore received a small box that was small enough to fit in his hand, looking surprised. I suppressed the urge to run away and answered “yes” when he asked if he could open it now.

“Is this a rocket pendant? Oh.”

Theodore, who casually opened the rocket, froze when he saw what was inside. I started to worry if he was disgusted, but I waited for his reaction.

“I’m happy. . .”

“Huh?. . .Really?”

“Yes, I’m happy! Thank you so much, more than anything. . .!”

As he said those words, Theodore hugged me tightly with a smile of pure joy. I never thought that the pendant with my portrait that Angelica had mentioned would be so appreciated.

Let me say it again.

It’s my portrait.

“What is this. . .I’m so narcissistic. Who would be happy about this?”

As he hugged me, his brow furrowed and he muttered those words. I now know that this kol is not normal, but regarding this matter, I think his words are reasonable. I wonder if Theodore himself doesn’t find it strange to receive something like this? As I looked up at him, contrary to my expectations, he seemed to be concerned about something in a different direction.

“Um, this, my face. . .”

Theodore loosened his arms from the hug and stared intently at the portrait.

The portrait depicted me without a veil, and it looked so much like the real me that it was understandable for him to doubt if he had seen my face.

“Of course, I haven’t actually shown my face. Angelica was also present, and I only conveyed that this child had a face that seemed to have aged, but the result is surprising. “

“Oh, so that’s how it was… Ah, could it be the young man named Bruno from that time?”

“Yes, he is the painter who drew this picture. I heard that he has good memory and quick brush skills, so I requested him.”

Bruno is a person with an amazing memory who can perfectly draw a subject in one minute. Even though he was busy preparing for the wedding, he couldn’t spare hours to sit as a model without doing anything, so I chose him. As a result, the portrait itself turned out to be a splendid work of art. . .except for the fact that it’s my portrait.

“I was worried if it would be better with a veil.”

“No, this is good. It has more effect than any charm.”

If he was pleased, then my embarrassment could wait. The goal had been achieved. As I relaxed, Theodore suddenly asked me as if he had just remembered something.

“Come to think of it, if he’s such a painter, why did he glare at me when he left?”

“Uh. . .that was. . .”

I remembered that moment vividly.

At first, I thought of brushing it off, but Theodore stared at me as if he could see through my veil, so I gave in and told him the truth.

“. . .I also had Theodore’s portrait painted for my personal use.”

“I see. Did you also make it into a pendant?”

“A pendant. . .yes, I did.”


I commissioned Bruno to paint three portraits. One was a portrait of myself as a gift, the second was Theodore’s portrait to put in the pendant, and the third. . .

“. . .I also have it displayed in my room.”

I muttered like a guilty child confessing my sins, but it seemed that Theodore had heard me loud and clear. I expected him to be exasperated with me for doing something so presumptuous, but instead, his eyes sparkled.

“I want a portrait of you to display too.”

“That would ruin the scenery.”

“But you also have my portrait displayed, don’t you?”

“It’s not a problem because you’re very beautiful.”

“It’s the same for you.”

“That’s just favoritism.”

I don’t think I’m ugly. I don’t hate myself either. In fact, I take pride in having a well-proportioned face, inheriting the good traits of my beautiful parents and resembling my cute siblings. But when he’s around, it’s like comparing a beautiful pebble found on a riverbank to the world’s most valuable gemstone.

“No matter what you say, you are the most beautiful person in the world to me.”

However, he earnestly declares this, like a personification of beauty. If the world’s most beautiful man says so, one might suspect it’s flattery or sarcasm. . .but there’s no room for doubt, as his eyes, voice, and warmth all show that he truly believes it from the bottom of his heart.

All I could do was blush at his compliment.

“But still, even if it’s just an imagined image, it’s not good for anyone other than me to see a picture of Ester’s true face. . .”

Theodore began to worry about something that I couldn’t quite understand. If he’s this happy, maybe it would be nice to take the time next year to have a picture of the two of us drawn together. I realized the words of my sister, who insisted that “Onee-sama should be more aware of how loved she is.”



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