The Best Anime & Manga for Fans of Travel

Did you know that “Fullmestal Alchemist: Brotherhood” showcases stunning train journeys through European landscapes? It encourages viewers to take their own rail adventures. This anime is just one example of how these shows spark the desire to travel and explore.

Anime and manga stories lure fans with immersive sights and places, making them dream of traveling. They capture different worlds, from Pokémon’s vast lands to Cowboy Bebop’s space journeys. They highlight the joy of adventure, not just reaching a place.

Key Takeaways

  • Anime and manga series can inspire a strong sense of wanderlust and a desire for travel, adventure, and exploration.
  • These shows transport viewers to immersive worlds and captivating landscapes, offering diverse settings from fantastical realms to realistic depictions of various regions.
  • The focus on the journey, rather than just the destination, is a key part of the appeal for fans of travel-themed anime and manga.
  • Popular titles like Pokémon, Cowboy Bebop, Spice & Wolf, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood exemplify this travel-inspired storytelling.
  • The attention to detail in world-building and the depiction of picturesque landscapes can captivate viewers and encourage them to seek out similar experiences in the real world.

Exploring the World Through Anime Adventures

Anime is great at catching the travel bug. It makes us want to go out into the world with excitement (anime wanderlust). Shows often follow main characters on big journeys. They meet new friends, see amazing places, and learn lots. Fans love this because it’s not just about the end goal but the journey itself.

The Appeal of Wanderlust in Anime

These shows make worlds that are so real and beautiful. Think of Pokémon or Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. They pull us in with their wonderful settings. When we watch them, we want to see places like that for real.

Immersive Worlds and Picturesque Landscapes

Anime like Pokémon and Aria take us to places beyond our imagination. We get to see everything from Pokémon’s vast lands to Aria’s peaceful Neo-Venezia. Watching these shows makes us dream of visiting those places.

Pokémon: A Journey Through Nature’s Wonders

The Pokémon anime keeps us hooked by showing Ash Ketchum’s never-ending Pokémon journey. He travels through different spots in the Pokémon world. Everywhere he goes, Ash meets new Pokémon species and explores various environments. From dense forests to high mountains, he sees it all. This emphasis on his journey, not his final stop, is why fans love this travel-themed anime.

Ash Ketchum’s Endless Travels

Ash is always eager to catch and train new Pokémon. His adventures let him explore the Pokémon world‘s wonders. In his travels, he sees many Pokémon and learns about the places’ cultures. The excitement of discovering new things really clicks with the fans. It makes them want to go on their own adventures, in real life or in their dreams.

Encountering Diverse Pokémon and Environments

The Pokémon anime shows us the amazing Pokémon world. Viewers get to see everything, from vibrant forests to tough mountains. These scenes can truly make us want to travel. Watching Ash meet various Pokémon builds our curiosity. We want to see more of the real and the Pokémon universe.

Pokemon nature

Cowboy Bebop: A Nomadic Existence Among the Stars

The anime series Cowboy Bebop takes you on a journey like no other. Its main characters live freely in space, always on the move. The crew, led by Spike and Jet, travels the galaxy hunting bounties. This setup, with no permanent home, may spark interest in those wondering about a life without ties. Even though it’s set in space, the show taps into a very human desire for adventure and freedom.

Cowboy Bebop is considered among the top animes of the 90s. It explores big ideas like breaking from the past, escaping boredom, and finding the real purpose of life. The characters seek to understand their current existence, focusing on what truly matters. This gives the show its unique vibe as both a space travel anime and a nomadic anime.

Among the crew, Spike stands out as someone searching for the meaning of life after facing tragic loss. Faye, on the other hand, grapples with loneliness but discovers a family in the Bebop team. Then there’s Jet who stresses the importance of living in the moment and growing through difficulties. Through their adventures, the series talks about deeper topics while keeping it grounded in their day-to-day existence.

The show’s mix of Western cowboy themes and Japanese samurai ideals sets a unique tone. This fusion helps Cowboy Bebop stand out, even to those not big on anime. The series’ exploration of past mistakes and current relationships opens up a path to deeper character understanding. Not to mention, it reveals the show’s central messages about growth and the search for meaning.

Spice & Wolf: Traversing the Medieval Countryside

Spice & Wolf stands out as a top travel show in anime. It shows the journey of Kraft Lawrence, a merchant, and Holo, a wolf deity, through an alternative Europe. With stunning art, it displays untouched natural beauty, encouraging a more remote lifestyle.

Kraft Lawrence and Holo’s Merchant Travels

In Spice & Wolf, we see travel from a merchant’s eyes. Kraft Lawrence, a merchant, visits many places, meeting people and facing challenges. Holo, a wolf deity, misses her homeland, sparking a love for adventure even in those not used to travel.

The Allure of Off-Grid Exploration

The show’s beautiful scenery makes viewers long for an off-the-grid life. It highlights the beauty of nature, quaint villages, and a slow, countryside living. This encourages fans to explore remote areas and step away from city life.

Spice and Wolf

Katanagatari: A Fetch Quest Across Japan

Shichika and Togame’s Sword Retrieval Journey

The Katanagatari anime series tells a captivating story. It’s about a journey across Japan to find legendary swords. This quest inspires fans to think about their own adventures.

The show pays a lot of attention to history and adventure. It makes viewers want to explore new places and see wonders. Like Shichika and Togame, you might dream of traveling and finding amazing things out there.

Every episode mixes action, cleverness, and strong characters. Plus, the anime’s art makes Japan’s beauty come alive. After watching Katanagatari, you might want to go on your own quest. It could be for a special item or to uncover hidden cultural treasures.

Rolling Girls: A Quirky Road Trip Through Japan

The Rolling Girls anime gives us a new way to look at travel. It takes us on a fun journey through Japan. Ten years after the Great Tokyo War, four girls set off to find heart-shaped moonlight stones. They meet interesting people and see stunning places along their adventure.

Searching for Mysterious Moonlight Stones

In Rolling Girls, the main story is about finding out about core stones. These stones give “Bests” superpowers. As the girls move from city to city, they learn that each place has its own stone stories.

Watercolor Backgrounds and Charming Locales

The look of Rolling Girls is very special. It uses a unique watercolor style. This style shows the beauty of Japan’s different areas very well. Each place the girls visit looks different, from busy cities to quiet countryside. It makes you want to see these places in real life.

The show is great for those who like adventures with friends. It mixes interesting characters, secrets, and great art. Rolling Girls is perfect for people who love anime about Japan. It makes you want to go on your own fun journey across Japan.

Rolling Girls anime landscapes


The acclaimed anime series

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

draws viewers in with its rich world-building. It makes many want to journey through its diverse landscapes. The show’s detailed European-style scenery is like eye candy for the audience.

The Immersive World-Building of Fullmetal Alchemist

The world of Fullmetal Alchemist is highly detailed. It mixes fantasy with real-world settings beautifully. You’ll see everything from serene hills to busy cities.

This world invites viewers to imagine themselves in its midst. It’s all about vibrant views and exciting places to explore.

Train Journeys Through European-Style Landscapes

One key point in Fullmetal Alchemist is train travel. It lets the main characters see stunning sceneries pass by. These scenes are like a call for viewers to experience similar adventures.

Travel and trains are big themes in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. They might just inspire people to explore the landscapes that mirror its beauty. This could mean a European-style trip or soaking in nature, all thanks to the anime.

Michiko & Hatchin: Riding Through South America

The anime series Michiko & Hatchin is a colorful journey through a fictional country, Diamandra. It draws from the rich culture of Brazil. The show follows Michiko, an independent Afro-Brazilian woman, and Hatchin, a South American girl. Michiko saves Hatchin from a bad place, and they start an exciting adventure on a motorbike.

The Vibrant Setting of Diamandra

Michiko & Hatchin takes you to Diamandra, a place full of life that mirrors Brazil. The series shows the busy streets, high mountains, and open countryside. Each scene makes you want to discover more about this vivid South American area. The show’s detailed cultural references and various characters with Latin American tones pull you deep into the world of Michiko & Hatchin.

Motorbike Adventures and Colorful Music

Michiko and Hatchin’s journey on a motorbike offers a sense of freedom and excitement. They speed through the city, mountains, and countryside. The daring vehicle chases and upbeat music add a thrilling element to the story. This excitement might encourage viewers to try new and unplanned trips. Michiko & Hatchin uses a mix of 2D animation and 3D effects, making these scenes a feast for the eyes.

Michiko & Hatchin anime

Samurai Champloo: Exploring Edo-Era Japan

Samurai Champloo is an anime series that sparks the desire to explore. It highlights Japan’s historic Edo era. We follow Mugen, Jin, and Fuu on their quest, meeting different people and seeing various landscapes. The show’s beauty urges viewers to love nature more and maybe even go on their adventures.

Mugen, Jin, and Fuu’s Wandering Quest

The story focuses on Mugen, a wild fighter, Jin, a calm swordsman, and Fuu, a young woman, walking across Edo-era Japan. They are on a mission to find a samurai with a sunflower scent. This journey full of surprises appeals to those who love exploration and the unknown.

Appreciating Nature’s Beauty Through Animation

Samurai Champloo showcases Edo-era Japan‘s breathtaking natural scenery. It features everything from lush forests and towering mountains to peaceful rivers and lively towns. The show’s detailed scenes can make anyone want to see such beauty up close. It inspires us to travel or just enjoy the outdoors more.

Kino’s Journey: The Essence of Travel Captured

Out of many anime series, “Kino’s Journey” is special because it really shows what traveling is about. This series tells the story of Kino and Hermes. They travel to many places on a mysterious world tour. Along the way, they meet new people and see new things.

Kino and Hermes’ Mysterious World Tour

The show is about the journey, not the final stop. Kino and Hermes visit various interesting places around the world. They usually stay in each place for three days before moving to the next.

This approach makes the show exciting for those who love to discover new things and meet new people. It’s a bit like exploring the unknown.

Kino and Hermes go to many different countries. Each place they visit has its own laws and customs. For example, they see places where killing is legal if someone has murdered.

They also find a nation that moves, which is quite high tech. This variety in locations really sparks curiosity in the viewers.

The Wonder, Beauty, and Loneliness of Travel

Travel is more than just visiting new cultures in “Kino’s Journey.” It looks deep into how travel can change a person. Kino learns a lot about people and life through her journeys.

One of the series’ famous lines is, “the world is not beautiful, therefore it is.” This talks about the mix of amazing things and tough parts of being a traveler.

“Kino’s Journey” is a must-watch for anyone who loves to explore and learn. It offers deep insights into the joy and hardships of experiencing new things.

Kino's Journey

Aria: A Serene Journey Through Neo-Venezia

The Aria anime leads people to Venice with its beauty. The story is set in Neo-Venezia, a place like Venice. It follows Akari Mizunashi’s path to becoming a gondola rower. The show captures the city’s charm and makes viewers want to see Venice for real.

Akari Mizunashi’s Gondola Rowing Adventures

The focus is on Akari Mizunashi in Aria. She aims to be an Undine, a skilled gondola rower, in Neo-Venezia. Watching her explore the city’s waters shows us a serene side of this Venetian-like realm. Her connections with others add a deep, calming layer to the story.

The Allure of the Venetian-Inspired City

Neo-Venezia in Aria isn’t exactly like Venice. But, it still brings out a strong desire to visit. The show’s detailed world pulls viewers in, making them want to experience the real Venice. The scenes of gondolas and beautiful buildings offer a rich, peaceful view of the city.

Made in Abyss: Descending Into the Unknown

The Made in Abyss anime is a wonderful example of mystery filled with the wonder of travel. It’s based on a manga about a world where people venture deep into the Earth through a huge chasm. In this place, you’ll find strange relics and creatures from a different time.

Riko and Reg’s Perilous Exploration

The story is about a brave girl named Riko and her robotic friend, Reg. They journey into the Abyss, facing many dangers. These include fierce animals, hidden traps, and the strange effects the place has on them.

The Captivating Depths of the Abyss

The Abyss is a world of endless mystery, filled with wonder at what could lie ahead. The show’s beautiful art and detailed world make you want to explore new places too. This feeling of adventure and uncovering secrets can draw fans to the show.

Made in Abyss exploration


This article has shared a lot about anime and manga series perfect for travel enthusiasts and fans of adventure and exploration. It talks about Pokémon and Cowboy Bebop. These shows let viewers dive into amazing, colorful worlds.

The stories are rich, showing beautiful lands and focusing on the journey. This makes viewers dream of their own travels. For example, in Spice & Wolf or Katanagatari, you see travelers in unique places. These anime and manga series inspire the itch for adventure. They urge people to visit new spots, real or imaginary.


What is the appeal of travel-themed anime and manga series?

Travel anime and manga whisk fans away to amazing places and beautiful landscapes. They spark a yearning for adventures of their own. These stories shine on the joy of traveling and exploring, not just the end point.

What are some popular anime and manga series that exemplify the spirit of travel and adventure?

Several series like Pokémon, Cowboy Bebop, and Spice & Wolf dive deep into the essence of journeying. They also include works like Katanagatari, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Samurai Champloo. Also worth mentioning are Kino’s Journey and Aria.

How does the Pokémon anime inspire a sense of travel and exploration?

The Pokémon anime invites fans to journey with Ash Ketchum in his quest. It showcases diverse regions and countless Pokémon. This inspires viewers to dream and travel on their own.

What elements of Cowboy Bebop appeal to fans seeking a travel-themed anime?

Cowboy Bebop weaves the story of bounty hunters roaming in space. This freedom and the thrill of a daily adventure captured the hearts of its fans. It’s about cutting ties and living freely, always on the move.

How does the anime series Spice & Wolf capture the allure of off-grid exploration?

Spice & Wolf recounts the tale of a merchant and a wolf deity exploring the medieval countryside. Its scenic beauty and unspoiled nature beckons viewers. It whispers the call for a life off the beaten path, inspiring a yearning for remote areas.

What aspects of Katanagatari’s “fetch quest” premise can inspire viewers to embark on their own journeys?

Katanagatari showcases a quest for legendary swords, leading across Japan. The idea of traveling to meet a long-desired goal can inspire trips in viewers. It ignites a passion for personal adventures to explore new and exciting places.

How can the anime series Rolling Girls encourage viewers to go on their own road trip adventures?

Rolling Girls follows a group of friends seeking unique moonlight stones across Japan. Their quest through picturesque scenes motivates a desire in viewers. It stirs the urge for personal journeys to discover similar beauty and charm.

What aspects of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood can inspire viewers to travel by train?

Its world-building, inspired by a European countryside, captures the mind and heart. Brothers’ travels in search of the Philosopher’s Stone offer glimpses of various regions. They open a world of new sights, enticing fans to explore by train.

How can the anime series Michiko & Hatchin inspire viewers to travel to South America?

Michiko & Hatchin zestfully portrays a ride through a fictional South America, akin to Brazil. Its vibrant visuals and lively music draw viewers into its world. It inspires them to dream of experiencing the real sceneries and cultures it echoes.

What aspects of Samurai Champloo can encourage viewers to appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors?

Samurai Champloo’s animation portrays nature’s beauty in an awe-inspiring way. It encourages viewers to enjoy the great outdoors more. The show’s adventurous tale links closely with the joy of unplanned travel and discovery.

How does Kino’s Journey capture the essence of travel and its various aspects?

Kino’s Journey depicts Kino and Hermes on a journey through a unique world. They explore, yet the focus is on the continuous journey, not the final stop. It embodies zest for discovering the unexplored and broadening one’s view through travel.

What aspects of the anime series Aria can inspire viewers to visit Venice?

Aria invites viewers to Neo-Venezia, a serene, Venetian city where Akari learns to row. Its tranquil story and scenic splendor kindle a wish to visit Venice. The depiction of its waterways and culture leaves viewers enchanted by the idea of visiting.

How can the anime series Made in Abyss inspire a sense of adventure and exploration?

Made in Abyss sends Riko and Reg into a vast and mysterious Abyss. Its mesmerizing world and narrative inspire a spirit of adventure. It encourages viewers to feed their curiosity through exploration, both physically and in their minds.

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