The Best Anime & Manga for Fans of Mystery

Did you know that the Spring 2024 anime season has some mystery shows to watch? Even with a few choices, the mystery genre remains popular. Japanese creators are skilled in making mystery anime and manga, drawing in fans with their unique stories and beautiful style.

There are many kinds of mystery shows, from complex mysteries to stories filled with the supernatural. This article highlights top anime and manga that offer thrilling mysteries. It shows the amazing variety and depth of the mystery genre in Japanese animation and comics.

Key Takeaways

  • The Spring 2024 anime season features a limited but promising selection of mystery anime options.
  • Popular mystery anime series like Made in Abyss, Mononoke, and The Promised Neverland have received high ratings from viewers.
  • Diverse mystery genres are explored in anime and manga, including supernatural, psychological, and historical elements.
  • Long-running series like Detective Conan/Case Closed and Ace Attorney have developed devoted fan bases for their clever mystery storytelling.
  • Manga series like Death Note, Monster, and Tokyo Revengers have also captivated readers with their unique takes on the mystery genre.

Captivating Mysteries in Anime

Made in Abyss: Venturing into the Unknown

Made in Abyss is a beautiful yet dark anime. It tells the story of two kids going into a huge, strange hole called the Abyss. Many adventurers have died in the Abyss, but it still pulls people wanting to know its secrets.

The show brings viewers into a world full of mystery and horror. The Abyss keeps everyone interested by its unknown secrets.

Mononoke: Unraveling Supernatural Mysteries

Mononoke uses a stunning art style to show off its complex stories. It follows the Medicine Seller, who uncovers the truth behind spirits. He must find out their form and reason to beat them.

This anime dives into deep human emotions. The truths about these spirits’ anger leave watchers shocked.

Undead Murder Farce: A Supernatural Whodunit

The Undead Murder Farce stunned viewers in Summer 2023. It mixed mystery with the supernatural set in the 19th century. In this world, humans and monsters live together. Tsugaru gets a job at a circus fighting these strange creatures.

Everything changes for Tsugaru when he meets an immortal woman without a body. They start a journey to find out who did this to her. They solve supernatural mysteries, like a female vampire’s murder. Viewers love the clever conversations and challenging mysteries they unravel.

Undead Murder Farce

The show’s 19th century world has famous characters like Sherlock Holmes and Arsene Lupin. This mix makes Undead Murder Farce a standout in the supernatural mystery genre. It combines suspense, humor, and a touch of the supernatural, making fans love it.

Baccano!: Intertwining Storylines and Puzzles

Fans who love historical dramas and solving puzzles will be right at home with Baccano! This anime is based on a novel that’s won many awards. It tells a story that seems scattered at first but slowly combines into one big tale. Over different eras, the narrative ties everything together in a compelling way.

A Unique Approach to Mystery Storytelling

This show stands out for its mystery storytelling. Instead of one main character, it jumps between different groups of people. Viewers must figure out how everyone’s story connects. It presents three main storylines at once. This makes solving the mystery an even bigger challenge. Although the anime only scratches the surface of the original story, it leaves people wanting more.

The story is set in Prohibition-era America, focusing on an elixir of immortality. You’ll meet gangsters, alchemists, and even a photographer from Japan. Each character is a bit of an “asshole.” It matches the show’s themes of organized crime and the pursuit of immortality.

Many critics have loved Baccano! for its complex, time-spanning plot. They enjoy the large and well-developed cast too. The show’s quality animation and excellent voice work in both English and Japanese have also been praised. Most viewers find it very addictive and fun, rating it highly.

Fans are drawn to the series’ captivating mix of mystery and suspense. The unusual way the story is told, with time jumps and many characters, is seen as a creative highlight. It makes the “ah-ha” moments truly rewarding. In the end, Baccano! is recommended for anyone who loves a good mystery.

Mushi-Shi: Exploring the Enigmatic Mushi

Mushi-Shi is about Ginko’s adventure, a Mushishi who studies Mushi. Mushi are mysterious, spirit-like beings. They come in many forms and don’t understand our idea of death. Ginko’s journey to find and learn about Mushi is calm yet gripping. He delves into the philosophical world of the Mushi.

On October 23, 2005, the Mushi-Shi anime began in Japan. It paused after 20 episodes, but resumed on May 15, 2006. A special episode debuted on January 4, 2014. The next chapter, Mushi-Shi -Next Passage-, aired from April 5, 2014, to June 21, 2014. Another special, titled “Bell Droplets,” hit theaters on May 16, 2015. The series is well-known for its opening and ending themes.

The story is set in 19th-century Japan. Artland Studio created beautiful visuals for the show. The Mushi are seen only by some, like Ginko. His skill to see Mushi makes him the heart of the story. The anime focuses on different Mushi events without a single plot.

Mushi-Shi has a mysterious air and an episodic format. Ginko is mysterious and guides us through the world of Mushi. The show is slower-paced but rich in atmosphere. This makes the supernatural elements feel real and engaging.


The Promised Neverland: Thrilling Psychological Mystery

The Promised Neverland mixes thriller, psychological horror, and mystery. It’s about three kids in an orphanage who find out they’re not really being adopted. They discover the sinister truth about their home through clever plot twists. The excitement never stops as secrets unravel.

Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump serialized The Promised Neverland. It ran from August 2016 to June 2020, across 20 volumes. Viz Media brought it to English readers through their digital magazine. There was also a light novel series and a spin-off manga.

The anime aired 23 episodes from 2019 to 2021. It was a big hit, spawning a game and achieving great manga sales. In 2018, the manga won an award. The anime’s first season was praised as top-notch, but the second fell short.

Despite some setbacks, The Promised Neverland has a big following. Critics like Crunchyroll and fans agree that it’s a standout. A new season is eagerly awaited, showing the series’ lasting appeal.

The Apothecary Diaries: Solving Royal Mysteries

MaoMao: A Brilliant Sleuth in the Imperial Court

Follow Maomao in the Apothecary Diaries. She learns medicine from her father. After she is forced to work at the Imperial Palace, her investigative mind shines. She uses her medical knowledge to aid the court and solve mysteries.

Each episode presents a new challenge for Maomao. Her quick thinking and charming nature captivate viewers. Not only does she unravel cases swiftly, but the show also delves into the lives of fascinating palace residents. This makes the show intriguing and enjoyable.

The Apothecary Diaries

Statistic Value
Start of Web Novel 2011
Light Novel Publisher Shufunotomo
Light Novel First Volume 2012
Light Novel Multi-Volume 2014
Manga Adaptations Start 2017
Manga Magazines Monthly Big Gangan, Sunday Gene-X
Anime Announcement February 15, 2023
Anime Premiere October 22, 2023

Classic Mystery Anime Series

Anime offers many thrilling series, but two stand out as classics: Detective Conan, or Case Closed, and Erased.

Detective Conan/Case Closed: The Iconic Anime Sleuth

Detective Conan, or Case Closed, is about a teenage detective named Jimmy Kudo. He has amazing skill like Sherlock Holmes. A mysterious drink turns him into a kid, where he can still solve crimes as Conan Edogawa.

This show has over 100 volumes after many years. It’s a loved mystery series that fans enjoy worldwide.

Erased: Time-Traveling Mystery and Suspense

Erased follows Satoru Fujinuma, a manga artist with a unique power. He can go back in time to prevent terrible events. When his mother dies, Satoru goes back 18 years to stop her killer.

He blends suspense and science fiction to solve the mystery. The show’s mix of suspense and time travel hooks viewers in.

Banana Fish: Unraveling the “Banana Fish” Mystery

Set in 1980s New York, Banana Fish is about Ash Lynx. He’s a teenage leader in a street gang. One day, Ash sees his gang members kill someone. The dying man tells Ash to find out about “banana fish,” which his brother talks about since coming back from war.

Ash meets Eiji, a Japanese journalist, in their search for “banana fish.” They explore New York’s dangerous side. They find corruption, betrayals, and a drug linked to a war veteran’s violent past.

Banana Fish tells a story of power, corruption, and dealing with the past. It focuses on Ash Lynx, known for being both beautiful and ruthless. His life story is full of pain and betrayals. As Ash and Eiji look into “banana fish,” they find themselves in danger.

The anime is made by MAPPA, a famous studio. It’s loved for its action, detailed characters, and backgrounds. The show’s voice acting, especially for Ash and Eiji, is praised. But, it also tells dark stories of sexual assault, which some don’t like.

Still, Banana Fish is an exciting show. It mixes 1980s New York’s crime with a gripping story. As Ash and Eiji look for the truth, it explores deep human themes. The 1980s vibe adds a unique feel to the series.

Banana Fish

Mystery in the World of Manga

Death Note: A Psychological Thriller

Death Note is a supernatural psychological thriller manga. It focuses on Light Yagami, a high school student. He finds a black notebook that can kill by writing names. Light decides to use the Death Note for his version of justice, targeting those he sees as criminals.

His acts grab the attention of the quirky detective known as “L.” This sparks a thrilling battle of minds between the two. Readers are drawn in by the deep dive into morals, justice, and the mental standoff between Light and L.

Monster: A Gripping Serial Killer Pursuit

Monster, a psychological thriller manga by Naoki Urasawa, follows Dr. Kenzo Tenma. He tries to stop a serial killer in Germany. This killer used to be Tenma’s patient, and the doctor had once saved his life.

The story is intense, showing the character’s dark sides. It is celebrated worldwide for its exceptional story and the thrilling hunt for the serial killer.

Tokyo Revengers: Time-Traveling to Prevent a Murder

Tokyo Revengers combines science fiction and crime with the interesting twist of time travel. It’s about Takemichi Hanagaki who goes back in time 12 years. He discovers his girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, was murdered. Wanting to save her, he takes on the Tokyo Manji Gang to change the past. The story mixes time-traveling with the tough world of teenage delinquents, making it a thrilling mystery.

“Tokyo Revengers: Time-Traveling to Prevent a Murder” is an anime by LIDENFILMS, available on Crunchyroll. It blends comedy, drama, and time travel, much like the popular anime ERASED. But it has its own style, which has divided viewer opinions on its quality.

Viewers often mention how both Tokyo Revengers and ERASED involve changing the past to save someone’s life. They both aim to stop a tragedy from happening. While some think ERASED is a top-notch mystery, others appreciate Tokyo Revengers‘ unique approach to its time travel story set in a delinquent drama.

Anime Series Episode Count Awards and Nominations
ERASED 12 Crunchyroll Anime Awards, Anime Trending Awards, Behind the Voice Actors Awards, IGN Summer Movie Awards 2016 Winner
Tokyo Revengers N/A N/A

In both Tokyo Revengers and ERASED, male leads time travel to prevent harm to a female character they love. In ERASED, Satoru Fujinuma can go back in time to save lives with his “Revival” power. On the other hand, in Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi fights his way in the dangerous delinquent world to save his girlfriend by altering the past.

Tokyo Revengers

20th Century Boys: A Cult Mystery

20th Century Boys is a thrilling manga. It’s all about cult-based mysteries. The main character is Kenji Endō, who used to be a rock musician but now runs a store. His friend’s odd suicide makes Kenji remember their past, wondering if a strange cult is to blame.

This manga hasn’t been made into an anime. Yet, it inspired three movies released in 2008 and 2009. These films bring the cult mystery to life, showing off its deep story and interesting characters. Fans of the manga love this live-action adaptation.

Key Facts About 20th Century Boys
– Originally serialized in Shogakukan’s Big Comic Spirits magazine from 1999 to 2006
– Comprised 249 chapters published across 22 tankōbon volumes
– A continuation titled “21st Century Boys” ran from 2006 to 2007 (16 chapters, 2 volumes)
– Live-action film trilogy directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi released in 2008 and 2009
– Manga has over 36 million copies in circulation, making it one of the best-selling manga series of all time
– Received prestigious awards such as the Shogakukan Manga Award and Kodansha Manga Award
– Licensed in English by Viz Media and distributed in Australasia by Madman Entertainment
– Film adaptations licensed by Viz in North America and 4Digital Media in the United Kingdom

The story spans many years, from 1971 to 2014, all centering around the “Friend” cult. This mix of timelines and the deep cult mystery makes 20th Century Boys a standout. If you’re a manga fan, it’s a must-read.


The world of anime and manga is full of mystery stories. These range from great works to stories filled with the paranormal. They often take ideas from Sherlock Holmes, adding their own unique twists. For instance, there are anime like Made in Abyss with surreal tales, The Promised Neverland adding psychological suspense, and Baccano! with its complex story. All of these are mystery-focused and keep their fans guessing.

We’ve explored top mystery anime and manga in this article. They show how diverse and deep the genre is in Japanese animation and comics. These stories include everything from the supernatural to thrillers. They hook the audience with complex plots, strong characters, and satisfying endings. As these series gain more fans, we’ll see new and creative mysteries in anime and manga.

Mystery stories are a long-loved genre, thanks to Sherlock Holmes. The world of anime and manga reflects this, sharing a mix of thrilling and eerie tales. Fans can enjoy anime like Made in Abyss for its unusual elements, Death Note for suspense, and Baccano! for its tricky puzzles. There’s something for everyone in this broad genre, promising lots of surprises and mysteries.


What are some popular mystery anime and manga series?

Some favorite mystery anime and manga are Made in Abyss, Mononoke, and Death Note. Others include The Promised Neverland, Detective Conan, and Erased. There are also classics like Monster and 20th Century Boys.

What makes Made in Abyss and Mononoke stand out in the mystery genre?

Made in Abyss is a stunning anime. It explores the dark mysteries of a giant, strange dungeon. Mononoke, on the other hand, has beautiful art and solves complex supernatural cases.

What is unique about the mystery in Undead Murder Farce?

Undead Murder Farce mixes history with the supernatural. Taking place in the 19th century, it has humans and monsters together. The main character, Tsugaru, solves eerie crimes, such as the death of a female vampire.

How does Baccano! approach mystery storytelling?

Baccano! tells different stories across times. The mystery unfolds as these tales connect. It’s great for history fans who also enjoy solving puzzles.

What is the appeal of the mystery in Mushi-Shi?

Mushi-Shi is about Ginko, who studies mysterious Mushi. It’s all about the weird creatures and philosophical themes. The show draws you into Ginko’s adventures as he encounters these puzzling life forms.

What makes the mystery in The Promised Neverland so captivating?

The Promised Neverland mixes thriller, horror, and mystery well. It’s about kids discovering dark secrets in their seemingly perfect orphanage. The story keeps you guessing with its twists and turns.

How does The Apothecary Diaries approach mystery storytelling?

The Apothecary Diaries stars Maomao, skilled in medicine and mysteries. She cracks hard cases within the Imperial Palace. Her intelligence and charm are key to the show.

What makes Detective Conan/Case Closed and Erased stand out in the mystery anime genre?

Detective Conan/Case Closed is iconic. It’s about a teen who becomes a kid detective, solving cases. Erased, on the other hand, mixes thrilling plots with time-travel. Both are great for mystery fans.

What is the mystery at the heart of Banana Fish?

Banana Fish is about Ash Lynx, a teen in a gang who gets involved in a murder mystery. The story uncovers a dangerous secret tied to Vietnam. The mystery centers around the term “banana fish.”

How do Death Note and Monster explore mystery and psychological elements?

Death Note is a gripping game between a student with a death notebook and a sharp detective. Monster follows a doctor chasing a serial killer, diving deep into the darkness of the human mind.

What is the unique premise of the mystery in Tokyo Revengers?

Tokyo Revengers mixes time travel with crime. A man tries to stop his girlfriend’s death by getting involved with a delinquent gang. It’s a thrilling journey to change the past.

What is the mystery at the heart of 20th Century Boys?

20th Century Boys is about a man caught in a web of childhood memories and a cult’s mystery. He wonders if a friend’s death and the cult’s activities are connected. The story involves strange events and hidden truths.

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